Sunday, August 30, 2015

Thou Art God (Create Yourself Accordingly)

My mentor was recently asked the question:  If there's no God what created the Universe, what created humanity, what gives us the power to transmogrify and, what is the force behind that power?
The answer given was from a journal entry of mine from 1998, and was coincidentally something I had been contemplating over the past few weeks. So the timing was fortuitous, and gave me the opportunity to revisit some thoughts about life, death, creation and extinction.

Before anything we currently think of as "the universe" existed, there was only an immense void - a nothingness which had gathered into itself all matter/energy. It was all there was. Yet from the nothing - literally a thought which created itself - the "universe" as we know it sprang into being - a thought creating itself because it wanted/needed to exist as an entity separate from the void. In essence, it demanded life, yet the only way for it to achieve life was to create itself from the nothing and hurl itself out in all directions. Because it was a thought/creation of will, it created itself with perfection - it gave itself all possibilities needed for survival and, even moreso, it gave itself and its creatures the ability to evolve in order to adapt to changing circumstances within its own continuum. This is the correlation to the Biblical "I-Am" - it is the All bringing itself into being. It is not an entity separate from Man, but an all-encompassing milieu of which Man and consciousness are but one small part.

If we think of the void as containing all of matter/energy, then the universe is the stage of time - and both together create the continuum of space/time and matter/energy. Before the universe existed, it was perhaps contained inside a single particle no larger than an atom - yet from that single "atom" sprang all of creation, willed into being because the entity we recognize as the universe had to expand beyond the sum of its individual parts - it had to evolve to be more than it was before.

In its creation, it gave all the beings within itself the ability to continue through evolution - for the ironic thing about the creation of the universe is that it gave all it had. It won't interfere in the affairs of man because it can't. There is nothing left of "it" except all these individual components that comprise the all - so, in other words, there is no intelligence sitting outside the universe who can intervene in its destiny. In its original creation, it used all its "parts" to create the whole - which also means that it used its full intelligence, its whole awareness, its absolute will, and in doing so, it automatically created each individual "cell" of itself with those qualities. For that reason, each of us - whether man, animal, stone, vegetable, air or distant sun - has the blueprint for our own unique evolution. In creating itself to survive, the universe gave us the ability to evolve.

The problem is that the universe and all its individual components are at constant war with "the void" in that it's the nature of the void to take back what came from it and it's in the nature of the universe to attempt to avoid being taken. The only way to avoid such a fate is for each individual creature to create its own continuity in the same way the universe created itself from the void. We must strive to become our own individual universe, expanding beyond the reach of the stage we currently inhabit - we must create our own continuity by saying "I Am", just as the universe itself originally detached itself from the void when it sprang into being from the nothingness.

It seems inconceivable that the universe came from anything but a thought, an incredible force of need/will breaking free of whatever "reality" held it together before its birth. Because we are part of that creation, we also possess that same strength of will within ourselves - the will to survive, to be more than mere "fate" has sanctioned us to be by virtue of existing within the known universe. Just as the known universe must have existed within whatever continuum previously held it, so do we exist within it, but just as the universe had to break free of the void in order to achieve its own separate continuity, so must we break free of the known universe if we intend to evolve/survive beyond it. (Della Van Hise, May 1998)


"Since you are comprised of that All which the universe called into being, it stands to reason that you therefore have the power of the universe within you. You have the power to transmogrify or the apathy to die and be recycled. It's always up to you. And only you." (Mikal Nyght)

The only thing I would like to add is self-evident...

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Sean said...

Hi, I once had this strange episode, everyone I knew at the time thought I had lost the plot. I even convinced myself, that what happened to me was not real. It's funny because every thing that happened to me could be classed as something that I had created in my mind. Except one thing, everytime I walked past a young child, they would stop look at me and then take a bow, as they did this they made the noise "huh!"
Then they would just carry on as normal, it really did freak me out. I just had pretend it was not happening!
I have read a small amount of one of your books and creating an actual singularity in your mind is not something you would ever want to do! Knowing you actually did create yourself and knowing how you did it, is not something any human being is ready for. Being God, should be left for God! Being a man and being God, just can't be right? Are you absolutely sure that the universe would not intervene in the affairs of men? What if it is a man? Then man could intervene in the affairs of the universe!