Friday, December 30, 2016

I Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly...

Let's start the new year with awareness that even though we are all connected, we are not all the same. And that's not only okay... it's a good thing.

Too often lately, I see would-be new age "gurus" telling us that only the light is worth experiencing, when the reality is that we are quite literally two halves of a whole. We are the embodiment and manifestation of the yin and the yang - the light and the dark caught in an eternal embrace that is both healing and enlightening.

Without the darkness, light could not exist. Without the light, darkness would be All that exists.

As humans, we seem to come into this world with what some philosophers and gifted seers have referred to as a predilection. Some are drawn to the light, while others find find their niche in the darkness.  And, of course, by "darkness" I am not referring to traditional ideas of morals, social taboos or anything of the sort. I'm simply saying that some are hard-wired to love sunshine and the ocean at noon in July, while others are drawn to the majesty of a moonless night in January when the stars are frozen teardrops and the ocean is wild with an incoming storm.

Realistically, it's not just about the weather or preferences. It's about what makes our heart sing and dance and seek a higher level of awareness. It's about what makes us feel alive - whether the comfort of the familiar noonday sun, or the mystery of the unknown.

So as you're going through your life, keep in mind that our inherent interconnectedness doesn't automatically require us to be the same or see the same or share the same beliefs. We are all manifestations of spirit - whether we thrive in the light or the dark. One of my favorite quotes is simply this...  "I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."

Revel in who you are. We are all stardust and pixels of infinite awareness. The rest... is just window dressing on the porthole to the infinite.


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