Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Things That DO Matter

Quantum Shaman and Della Van Hise are pleased to announce a new e-book, and it's absolutely free!

During the pre-election days of 2016, the chaos and uproar on social media had become so overwhelming that a few folks started making daily posts about something - anything - other than the absurdity that was unfolding in the 3-ring political circus. One friend posted pictures of beautiful men (and they were indeed beautiful beasts!) Another posted a short poem every day. Still others shared pictures of their pets or their family members or flowers growing in the cracks of sidewalks. What follows in The Things That Do Matter are my own efforts in the direction of trying to find some serenity and meaning at a time when it certainly seemed (still does) that the world had gone irrefutably and irrevocably mad.

Whether "The Things That Do Matter" are important to anyone else... who's to say? What I do know is that this time of chaos gave me an opportunity for some personal introspection that could be fitted to a Facebook post window. In certain cases, I have expanded on the original post, or added an article referred to in a link, in order to make this mini-book more comprehensive and complete. I hope you'll enjoy "The Things That Do Matter."

To download this free e-book, click here: The Things That Do Matter

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