Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Medical (Un)Profession: Wankers & Quacks!

Is it just me, or is the medical profession comprised of the biggest bunch of bozos and wankers ever to come down the sewer pipes? Went to the doc a few weeks ago 'cuz I was having chest pains - probably related to my back, also probably related to the stress (what? me? stress?) that accompanies running one's own business in an economy that has been programmed to decline and continue to decline even when there is (and I quote) "not much logical reason for the continuing deterioration." But no matter... The world is a nuthouse and the lunatics are running the asylum, so... nothing new there.

Chest pains, I say. So the doc stares at me for awhile, doesn't even listen to my heart to see if I'm dead or alive, then starts writing prescriptions for the most expensive drugs on the market without so much as a by-your-leave. "You are a diabetic," he reminds me in his thick accent, as if that should explain so much for so many at a time when it seems to me that "diabetes" is the fad diagnosis of the 21st century in the same way ADHA and MPD were the fad diagnoses of the '90s. Put another way: he is telling me to behave like the label he has stuck to my ass, and gets uppity when I remind him that I am neither a label nor a dis-ease. I am a person with a name and a life partner and a cat and a dog. I am not just a "diabetic" - and with good reason - for once we become labeled by our handlers (doctors, lawyers and charlatans of all walks of life), we become to them nothing more than the label itself. And let's face it, folks. Diabetes is the cash cow of the decade! Walk into any Walmart or Rite-Aid or the like, and you will find not just a small shelf of diabetis supplies, but an entire aisle consisting of a cornucopia of products designed to put a smile on any CEO's face. So keep in mind that when your doctor tells you you're a diabetic, what he's REALLY seeing is not your potential well-being or lack thereof, but a long line of checks in the form of kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies - who KNOWINGLY market products which have more side-effects than potential benefits. Any doubt, do your own research. I did - and I was appalled!

Ask your doctor. Go ahead.

Maybe it stands to reason that when I came out of a store yesterday and glanced at the newspaper racks, there was a glaring headline which read something like, "Diabetes expected to triple by the year 2050 - 1 in 3 will have the disease!" Be afraid! Be very afraid! Run to the priests of the scalpel and ask your doctor about all those yummie drugs that are just as likely to kill you as to cure you. Wear this label! Act out your dis-ease! Be a good patient! Play your role!

Role. You're in a play, you know. We all are. Yes, including your doctor, who probably knows a lot less about your body than you do. A few months ago, one doc tried to schedule me for a prostate exam. ??? That could get interesting.

Here's the thing, folks. And this is NOT the exception to the rule near as I can tell. In 2004, my mother had 2 colonoscopies, both of which returned "normal" results. She died in 2006 of colon cancer, which had been present "for years" according to the medical examiner's final report. In 2008, my ex-husband was diagnosed with scabies (bugs, to the uninformed), and subsequently treated with expensive skin care products. The reality? His gall bladder was enlarged to twice its size, and gall stones had turn up the bile duct - NONE of which showed up on MRIs, blood tests, or the like. By the time he got a correct diagnosis and had the gallbladder removed, he had suffered severe damage of the bile duct, lost over 80 pounds, and was wandering around town in a confused state because of the resulting toxins which had built up in his system. Several years ago, a good friend went to the emergency room complaining of abdominal pain so severe she couldn't stand and could barely breathe. She was told to go home and take a laxative and an enema. She died a week later of peritonitis, caused when her impacted bowels ruptured.

Need I continue?

Why on Earth or any other civilized planet do we trust these clowns, when it is proven time and time again that they kill more people than they cure? Enough already! I go in with chest pains, and the doc gives me a prescription for pain pills and muscle relaxants! About 18 years ago, when I went in with a large lump in my breast, I was told by the first quack, "I'd recommend ignoring it for awhile and see if it goes away." Arugh! What?

The bottom line is that WE give these gonzos the power of life and death over our bodies - and it's high time we stopped just buying into their sweet-scented bullshit. So today as I was sitting in the waiting room of the lab - for over 2 hours, I might add - I found myself looking at the downtrodden, frightened people waiting to be told whether they would live or die, whether they would be asked to play the role of a Diabetic or a Heart Patient or a Cancer Victim.

Maybe it's all just a crap shoot. Society tells ue we will die of something, yet this is the same society that once told us the earth was flat, and at the center of the universe. So maybe it's time we stopped buying into the programs, turn off the idiot box that keeps trying to sell us on this or that drug and encouraing us to "Ask your doctor about mycoxafloppin..." and go back to living the way nature intended:

Eat well.
Run when the lion comes out of the jungle.
Love unconditionally.
Get fucked often (and NOT by the medical profession!)
Take back your power.

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