Friday, January 15, 2016

I Can See Clearly Now...

A fellow seeker recently asked me to tell the tale of how I defeated the foreign installation**. What's funny to me is that there is no single definitive tale of power, but instead a cumulative effect. Although I had been on a path of heart since childhood (I might even say "I was born this way!"), it was late 1994 when I had what amounted to a spiritual awakening as a result of a sudden and acute awareness of mortality - not even a brush with death. Just an extreme awareness of what don Juan would have categorized as "You are a being who is going to die."

I didn't like that much. Life is good. I didn't want to die.  Hell, I wanted to live forever! I began to squirm inside my skin. Death as an inevitability seemed not only wrong, but sinister - an Agent Smith who had become a fixture of the consensus, a paid employee of The Machine. It wasn't a fear of dying - it was merely a sense of indignation that it has taken each of us at least 10 billion years of evolution to reach our present state of identity, and to have that suddenly and irreversibly ripped from us (for I do not believe in deities or reincarnation in the least) just seemed... absurd.

This is one thing I perceive as a huge problem in the human organism. We have been programmed to accept - even to believe, and to actually defend - this notion that "All things die." It is the mantra of the consensus, the prevailing belief system at the root of all religions and most political ideologies since long before the first chronicler picked up a Bic and started writing it all down as if it were absolute truth. Just because we perceive that some things die does not automatically mean all things die. I stress this because that was really the first step in stripping away the programming that enslaves us to our mortality and even causes most people to believe Death is somehow good and righteous - a doorway to heaven or at least an escape hatch from the horrors of old age. But if you take a step back and really look at that belief system, it's no less insane than the notion of reincarnating as a bird or a bee or somebody's Uncle Jane. Death is just another belief system - which is one reason figures like the vampire are so popular in literature throughout history. It isn't just that we want to live forever. It's that somewhere deep inside our DNA, far beyond the program and outside the Pandora's box of our self-imposed limitations, we know we can.

I'll avoid the deeper philosophical ramblings on the subject (and anyone who has read my books or even my website is probably aware of them anyway), except to say that this twisting and turning of my Spirit resulted in 1) a tremendous amount of energy roiling and churning and accumulating inside me as a powder keg of personal power, intent and will; and 2) a clear and concise connection to my double (whether you call it the higher self or the shaman's double or the dreaming body or the immortal Other).  It was through working directly and almost constantly (I'm talking 24/7 for a period of about 3-5 years) with my double that the programs began to crumble.  One or two at first, then another, until one day, it occurred to me that I had become a seer - what is defined as essentially someone who sees things as they are, not as we believe they are, or as we think they are, but the reality behind the reality, the man behind the curtain, the world outside the box.

Once that occurred is when I finally understood that being a seer is really nothing more than being permanently outside the belief systems that otherwise hold the world together. Or, more precisely, the belief systems that create what is commonly called the foreign installation - the predominant series of beliefs and practices that influence, guide and ultimately control human behavior. The end result of being outside the box is that the world and everything in it becomes essentially transparent. That isn't to say I can tell you the winning lottery numbers or the precise date on which the collapse of civilization as we know it will occur. What it does mean is that it becomes possible to discern shit from shinola, truth from lies, seekers from pretenders, and on down the line.

Obviously this was a a complicated time in my life, but also a very simple and magnificent time. And yes, there were other factors involved in the ultimate defeat of the foreign installation - everything from half a dozen journeys with the mushroom ally over a period of 5 years, to intense and extended lucid dreaming with my double wherein I received large "downloads" of information and Knowledge that took another few years to process, to developing a discipline of meditation and contemplation that eventually led to a permanent connection to gnosis (silent knowing). Once that permanent connection to silent knowing is established, the foreign installation can no longer get a foothold in the shaman-sorcerer's awareness, for the foundation/frequency on which the foreign installation previously existed has been permanently obliterated.

The end result is a permanent shift of the assemblage point***.

** Foreign Installation: If it can be perceived that the consensual reality possesses a rudimentary “hive mind”, it then becomes possible to see that this hive mind is predatory in nature, in that it invades and usurps the individual unless the individual has mastered extreme awareness. In other words we may be “taken over” by the consensual hive, whose primary agenda is to preserve its static status quo. Other – more extreme – definitions have been offered for the predatory mind, and may in fact, have truth as well.

***Assemblage Point - The mindset from which one assembles their world, consisting of a cumulative set of experiences which form a reference point unique to the individual, yet shared in common (to a point) with other members of the same species.


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