Wednesday, July 27, 2016

If you think it matters...

by Mikal Nyght

If you are caught in the leg trap of politics or the cess pool of religion, then you have not yet overcome the part of you that thinks "It Matters!"

When a seeker tells me, "I like to be informed," what I am really hearing is the prittle prattle of self-importance and the puffing out of the chest which generally indicates that the seeker has become so full of shite that he cannot see the forest for the big brown logs he is producing to obscure his own path.

"Oh my precious lord!" some are certain to exclaim. "Is Mikal saying we shouldn't vote? shouldn't care? shouldn't even know what's going on in the world?" No. What I'm saying is that a true seeker doesn't need to get "involved" in the political monkey circus unless he has made the commitment to the consensus, and if that is the case, then he might as well abandon this path altogether, suckle up to the teat of Society, and become a card-carrying member of The Real World, and therefore also a member in good standing of The Lunatic Majority, which would try to convince you of its righteous goodness by virtue of its numbers and all those celebrities with their perfectly capped white teeth who smile the alluring smile of a phantom and tell you why you should vote for This or That Trending Asshole, when the reality is that you already know right from wrong in your tiny little heart if you have even the slightest glint of awareness somewhere in that confuddled orb sitting on the top of your shoulders.

Within every living creature (and most inorganics) there is a frequency which aligns with what is commonly called silent knowing. Put simply, you already know through your own intuitive awareness who or what to vote for (if you must insist on playing such pedantic games), you already know who and where The One True God resides, and you already know perfectly well that not one bit of this matters in the Great Big Picture Puzzle known as life on the path to freedom, or even back seat activities on the long & winding road trip to immortality.

You can't really be informed, particularly if you think that education is going to come from the media or social justice warriors or the propaganda being shoved up your chute by this or that political party, or this or that guru, or this or that religious icon. If you really stop and examine where your political bent is coming from, you will find (100% of the time) that you have been programmed by someone or something other than Ultimate Truth, for the sad and ugly truth is that there is no truth in the gladiatorial arena which is the milieu of all politicians. Therefore, how can you be informed when everything you hear or see is a Lie? You know this, but you do not want to believe it, because you have been so conditioned to think-you-believe in what is right and good, when you are really only a rusty mouthpiece and conduit for the bullshit that is going up your arse and coming out of your mouth in the form of regurgitated rhetoric and dangerous dogma.

Think. For. Yourself.

If you decide you really must vote, then do so. But do so 1) knowing it will make no difference whatsoever; and 2) from the assemblage point of silent knowing that has nothing to do with what you have heard or read or seen on the righteous flat screen screaming at you from the very pit of the lowest common denominator. Treat it as controlled folly if you must, but it is the kind of folly that tends to have a lot of glue, making it difficult to put aside even when you know it is folly. Best not to try on that mask at all, no?

Believe it or not, if everyone voted from their heart, the world would be a beautiful paradise with trees and flowers and chirping birds and a new car in every garage and free housing and no-cost medical care for all. (And if you believe that, there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you cheap-cheap.) It makes no difference. Not really. I've been around long enough to see that several times over, but please don't take my word for it. Sit with your Silence. Ask your ethereal twin which way you should vote - and when he stops howling with laughter at your naivete, maybe you will finally start to *see* that those rare few who succeed on this path do so by avoiding the trappings, cliches and false belief systems which otherwise enslave them to the consensus reality for the duration of their short lives.

Immortality isn't found in political areanas or religious agendas. If you think otherwise, you have already lost the battle.

Darkly, forever,
Mikal Nyght


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