There seems to be a group of people who think it's okay for sites like Pirate Bay, Torrents & other "free download" sites to simply rip off writers, artists, musicians et al.  I've heard arguments like, "It all balances out in the end."  Or "You'll still sell your books even if they are being offered for free."  Or "Isn't it about the message and not about making money off your books?"

Let's get something straight here.  Intellectual property (something created by an individual such as art, writing or music, just for example) is the property of the individual who created it - which is why copyright laws exist.  Many of these sites have moved their servers off US soil, so now they can hide behind the petty excuse of, "We don't acknowledge US copyright."  Clever, but you're still a thief.  You're still a slimy little toad hiding behind a big pile of bullshit, and you are making a profit off of legitimate writers, artists & musicians who don't owe you a goddamn thing.  You are a dirty little turd and you are hurting real people who actually work for a living.  Clear enough?

The current generation of entitlement has put forth the notion that "All information should be free, therefore we are just going to take it."  To that end, sites such as those named above post links to free downloads, but in order to get to the free download, you have to join their site (this costs $$$), and so the information really isn't free after all, when you are paying the site owner for the privilege of stealing the material that otherwise you would have to pay to the artist.

Don't kid yourself.  If you are using one of these sites, you are a thief and an asshole, and you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.  Oh my!  Della just called me an asshole!  Yes, I did.  Because the bottom line is simply this:  how would YOU like it if these same thieves came into your house, stole all the food in your fridge, and then sold it online?  I think your "positive attitude" would go right out that frilly pink window and MAYBE you would wake up to the fact that stealing is stealing, whether it is a physical object or an ebook.   And that's really what's happening.  Writers and artists depend on proceeds from their works to pay the bills.  It's the food on our tables, and it ain't "free" anymore than the groceries in your fridge were free.  You worked to manifest that steak, so why should someone else be entitled to just take it?  Not!
Bottom line... thou shalt not steal.  Pretty clear instructions - and a standard moral & social law in all countries and cultures.

Don't be part of the problem.  If you are, please unfriend me.  I want no part of thieves, or those who would defend them.  No one owes you anything.  Get a job.  Get a life.  Pay for what you take.  And stop spewing all those pretty new age platitudes  while trying to convince yourself it's okay.  It ain't!

Part of being a warrior is about knowing when to stop being a pussy.  Part of being a warrior is knowing when to put away that plastic bliss ninny smile, and pick up a sword.