Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Four Allies

Carlos Castaneda put forth the 4 enemies of a man of knowledge.  Don Miguel Ruiz penned the 4 agreements. I'm going to suggest the 4 allies, without which the warrior has very little chance of reaching Freedom.

1. Common Sense
Look at all things through the eyes of reason first & foremost. Think of Occam's Razor. IF after thorough examination no rational explanation presents itself, ONLY then look for more implausible possibilities. Example: so much fear surrounds what CC called "the flyers." One explanation is that they are an alien intelligence that survives by feeding on human energy. While that is a possibility (though remote) a far more likely explanation is that we create our own reality through fear of what we don't understand. In this case, are we running from our own "shadows"? Common sense must prevail until such time as it can't. When common sense is abandoned, so is the warrior's ability to function in the tonal.

2. Clarity 
While clarity is the second enemy according to Castaneda, it's also the second ally. Without clarity, humans tend to mistake the finger pointing at the moon for the moon itself. When a warrior encounters something unexpected or unknown, it's important to look at it without all the programming & reality filters that can cloud our judgment and lead to erroneous conclusions.Be willing to let go of your belief systems in order to perceive the actuality of What Is.

3. Empathy 
Walk a mile in the other guy's shoes - whether he's your friend, your enemy, your dog or the inorganic being living in the corner of your basement. Over-confidence and arrogance should appear somewhere on the list of enemies, for when a warrior is without empathy, he is without fluidity. Only when you know where "the other guy" is coming from can you have any insights into where he is going... and why. Knowing this can save your life, but far more important it can give you a humble advantage in all things.

4. Anonymity 
When a warrior practices anonymity, she is giving herself the opportunity to defeat her self-importance and embrace her full potential rather than trying to mold her behaviours to pre-existing ideas and programs (whether her own or those of the consensus). When you do something without desire or demand for recognition or reward, you have taken a large step in the direction of achieving a direct and permanent state of gnosis (silent knowing) with your double. The double is the true self, the anonymous and eternal Other who is without "identity," yet who is the totality of the I-Am (pure existence.)

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