Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just. One. Thing.

On another forum I frequent, much concern is given to the idea of the new age movement. Anyone wanting additional background on where I'm coming from can check out the link here...

My comments below are a result of this discussion, although I think they have relevance as a stand-alone post as well.

Worrying about the new age movement is no different than worrying about whether a rogue comet is going to hit the earth. There's nothing we can do about it either way, which is why a warrior practices the right way to live - and usually in a solitary fashion, with no concern for what "others" are doing. I personally agree with the general sentiment being expressed here - the "new age movement" is a crock of crap, a load of bullshit served up in a bunch sweetness and light wrappers, with a hefty serving of crystals and candles on the side.

For warriors on a path of spiritual evolution, that kind of thing is *seen* for what it is, dismissed with detachment, and that is simply that. Trying to change it is like trying to stop that rogue comet. The sheeple who think they are going to save their souls or cure their ills with crystals and candles are the same sheeple who have earned the term "bliss ninnies", and they are no more warriors than I'm an astronaut, so why would anyone here really care WHAT they do? Kinda like the Christians who go to church every Sunday and expect a reward in heaven for their efforts. If they believe that kind of nonsense, it's at their own peril - and NOT my obligation to save them from their own idiocy. Ditto with the "new agers".

Where warriors are concerned... there is really only one thing to learn. One. Thing.

If one wants to survive this life and especially if one wants to survive beyond it, the key to doing so is the creation of the double. While in organic form, we experience the double most commonly as gnosis - silent knowing. Beyond the organic form, we can speculate all day long, but the bottom line is that the double becomes the vessel of our awareness beyond the event horizon "Death", or beyond the Eagle's reach (if you prefer Toltec terminology). Everything ELSE a warrior does is leading to that goal. Sure, there are the tools. Lose self-importance. Intent. Will. Stalking. Dreaming. Detachment. Controlled folly. The right way to live... and so on. But ALL of those things are leading to the ONE thing: THE TOTALITY OF ONESELF (which is the combined awareness of the mortal self and inorganic double).

It's really quite simple. We all know HOW it's done, and hopefully we are all do-ing it. It requires no crystals or candles or incense or leather paddles. The problem with "new age" is that it tends to get lost in the tools and the tricksters wielding them. I've met a lot of bliss ninnies who absolutely believe they are going to get "it" through all of these material "tools". That's THEIR problem, not yours or mine.

The warrior creates his double with the tools outlined above, none of which can be purchased at a swank new age emporium. The only thing a warrior MIGHT need are a few good books to aid in stripping away the belief systems that hold her prisoner to the consensus, but even that is questionable. Some of us figured it out first, then read Castaneda (and others) after the fact.

For a warrior, all the Knowledge you will ever need is already inside you - through the place of silent knowing. Part of knowing how to LISTEN is learning how to STOP listening/worrying about new age movements and the like. It really doesn't concern the warrior whatsoever.

Formula for a warrior:

Mortal Awareness + Awareness of the Double = Freedom

The rest is just distraction, provided to you by the foreign installation.