Monday, November 17, 2014


Mediocrity is the destroyer of genius. If you want to travel the known roads while wallowing in your comfort zones, leave me out of it. Perhaps as a result of my near death experience in August of 2014, I've found that I have no patience for the mundane world and all its petty problems. Not knowing how long I have left on this planet has left me hungry for what lies BEYOND the horizon, not just sitting on the shore watching another pretty sunset. If we don't go FURTHER than where we started, we're going nowhere.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Dark Side of the Light

An uncompromising look at the second enemy of a seeker on the road to enlightenment

Clarity shows us the world as it is, things as they are, problems as they exist... but it shows us almost nothing with regard to how to accept things as they are, reconcile our place within the schema of "the way things are," or fix the problems that exist. It DOES, however, reveal to us that there is nothing to fix and that, ultimately, nothing matters much within the consensual world. Maybe nothing matters at all. Not something we necessarily want to hear, definitely not something most want to believe, but there it is, staring us in the face when we agree to look beyond the programs instead of merely wearing them like a pair of cheap glasses. Put simply – clarity is a double-edged sword that cuts through the bullshit only to reveal more bullshit beneath.

And such is the enemy of clarity.

If you are looking for new age spiritual bliss ninnyisms, you have come to the wrong place – for a warrior/seeker who is engaged in her inevitable battle with clarity can hardly be bothered to pat you on the head and tell you "Everthang's gonna be awright." Maybe it will. Maybe it won't. There's that double-edged sword again.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Breaking the Paradigm's Paradigm

(A look at our beliefs about death through the eyes of the shaman's double)

Humans die not because they must, but because that is the nature of their communal belief - it is the dictate of the consensus, and so the program has become a biological imperative even though biology itself is only an illusory manifestation, and is not truly organic at all if one is willing to *see* beyond the veil and peer deep into the scheme of the dream. To think of oneself as a biological entity is to enter the battle already defeated, no? You ask about death as if it is a reality, and so you are accepting already some measure of your programming, and it is sufficient to kill you because you already believe you are a being who is going to die.

Does it trouble you that I might challenge one of the very cornerstones of the human belief system? ARE you a being who is going to die? Are you a BEING at all, or is that, too, only a mode of perception from which you then attach meaning and define absolutes? And in defining absolutes (you are a being who is going to die, you say), do you then predetermine through the perception that you are ALIVE, that life must naturally have its opposite (death), and so you enter into the arena of the living already predeterminately being a being who is going to stop being? What to do? Are you willing to have one more world yanked out from under you

 Are you able to consider that everything you believe you know about death and life are only comfort zones intrinsic to the mindset of your ancestors, and so you carry them with you as cancers on your Dream even when you may think you have dispensed with them? The secret to defeating death is this: when you know you are already dead, you may transcend this prison which insists you are a being who is going to die. The immortals and the allies do not believe they will live forever. Neither do they know it. It is simply their nature to do so because the matrix of their knowing is based on the I-Am rather than the weight of any consensus.

 We cast no reflection because we are whole unto ourselves, We thrive on existence itself, taking sustenance from the pulsing heart of the sentient universe, knowing it is an endless river and can never be drained, for it stems from the self, and therefore can never die. To be immortal is to have no opposite, for it is in the friction of opposition that deterioration begins. And so I give you this task: examine those words from beyond the words and listen with your heart for what they might mean. It is more than any casual thesis I am asking you to write. Instead, it is the rewriting of your entire paradigm that will set you free, but only when you *see* the Dream from beyond even the lucidity of the Dream.

 (Orlando - November 11, 2008)

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