Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Double, Double

I have come to see that one reason so many of us are drawn to the Toltec path is because we do know - from the intuitive level of silent knowing - that there is a way to retain our awareness and inhabit the totality of ourselves after our physical bodies run out of juice. I am acutely aware of things I believe, and yet I would have to honestly say that my understanding/experience of the double goes well beyond just a belief system. I cannot say that I know the entire process of what happens to us after we die, but the gnosis which comes directly from the double creates a synapse of energy/awareness that is not unlike having one "self" here in this world, and the other "self" already in the infinite - which is probably why THE EAGLE'S GIFT resonated with me on such a profound level. For myself, it's not just something I believe, it's who I am.

Granted, that is purely subjective. 100%. Maybe it will seem like only a belief to some, but I can say with certainty that what I have experienced of the double comes from an aspect of myself that is nowhere near the same as my belief, for example, that the sun will rise tomorrow. The awareness is experienced in a different way, and in an entirely different "part" of the energy body.

People who make a living reading body language say that when a person is telling the truth, they may tend to look up and to the right - they are accessing the actual memory banks of the physical brain, calling down the hard drive, so to speak. OTOH, when the person is creating a fiction, they will look up and to the left, accessing the creative brain/mind. My experience of both "the right way to live" (a concept brought forth by don Juan) and gnosis (silent knowing) come from whatever aspect of the self has Knowledge - the hard drive of experience. My belief that the sun will rise tomorrow, or that the car will start up so I can drive to work... come from the creative/belief aspect.

Again, wholly acknowledged as 100% subjective... but that's okay by me because I know and trust who I am. So...  I know what I believe, I believe what I choose, and I know what I simply and silently know.


In my experience, the double can remain entirely within the existing humanform, or it can essentially bi-locate anywhere/anywhen in the manifestation of the multi-verse. As an aside, this is how I see so-called "past lives" - not other bodies or other times we have inhabited, but other positions of our own assemblage point, experienced & recorded by the double. At times (such as Dreaming or intense journeys with power plants) one may actually shift the "human" (mortal) awareness into the assemblage point of the double - and there is a sudden influx of awareness/experience/knowledge to which we do not have access in ordinary awareness.

What I've determined is that the whole purpose of this "double" - which is comprised of energy and awareness, but which MAY become manifest if there is sufficient reason (as Genaro's double often did), is that it creates an energetic "mirror" of sorts which MAY serve as a point of reference and/or a point of perception for our awareness following the death of the physical form. The double is the self in eternity/infinity.

What it boils down to is that the mortal self is like the egg in which awareness gestates (and grows, through experience & nurturing), and the double is the infinite and eternal configuration which is not limited by humanform concerns into which our awareness "hatches". The double is the super-position of the assemblage point** - once the double is sufficiently dreamed by the warrior, it is everywhere and nowhere, and all that would be required for it to manifest would be intent and focus.

Because the double is ubiquitous, it has access to the all - knowledge, awareness, information - and it may serve as guide/mentor to the human self in the manner that don Juan referred to as "the double is now dreaming you." The sufficiently developed double becomes the teacher/benefactor, though this may even occur at a level where the mortal/earthly warrior isn't really aware of it until some time later, if ever. I've long felt that Don Juan Matus was Carlos's double, but by the time Carlos figured it out, there was simply no way he could have explained it to the world at large through his books. He gave some hints, I felt, but that's another story for another time. 


**SUPER-POSITION OF THE SELF or SUPER-POSITION OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT – A point of awareness wherein the seeker and the Other (double) have conjoined to embrace the Totality of awareness.  At this point, consciousness becomes ubiquitous, inhabiting all quantum positions simultaneously, thereby allowing for consciousness to take on certain similarities of light.  Particle and wave – particle being what might be experienced should consciousness make the decision to “localize” into a specific point in time and space; wave being the non-local presentation of awareness, wherein it is a ubiquitous field spanning all of space/time simultaneously.

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