Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Seizing the Tiller of Creation

For the sake of clarity, it would help to comprehend what is really meant by a shifting of the assemblage point. What you think of as reality is organized and categorized according to the ordinary input of the five senses, yes? But more than that, it goes something like this: a tree is a tree and it is green and leafy because this is the language the dominant species has chosen to identify that construct to the masses. It is an object made of language to which everyone has agreed to agree as to what the words generally mean. Ah, but to someone who has learned to see, the tree is really only an arrangement of energy cast in the shape of the tree. In first attention, the tree is the tree because the word has meaning. In second attention, the tree is an arrangement of energy, clearly seen, resembling what is known to the first attention as "tree". In the third attention, or the seventh sense, the energy comprising the tree is actually the raw matter of true quantum sorcery, and can be called upon to represent whatever the sorcerer might desire to perceive. This is the foundation of creation, the cornerstone of a separate reality.

Ah, but never forget: the act of creation requires extreme energy, so the goal of entering the seventh sense isn't just to begin rearranging all the stray molecules into castles and dragons and faerie creatures of lore. Just as the world with which you are familiar is largely created for you by those who have gone before, so it is here, but the difference is that here the world is will and death is neither landlord nor tenant.

So what does this have to do with a shift of the assemblage point? Simply this: as long as you see only the tree, a tree is all it will ever be. When you learn to perceive the glossy construct of the underlying energy, you have taken a step toward undoing the world of matter and men. And when at last you stand in the seventh sense and can command the energy of the tree to be anything you will it to be, you will have mastered your own creation in ways that should begin to be obvious to you. Shall I give you a hint? It is this: in the seventh sense, the trick to staying is to recreate the self using the tools of perception and the will and intent of the sorcerer's magick. Understand this, for it is the secret to your ultimate evolution: when you can enter the seventh sense and will the raw matter/energy of creation to be the immortal "other," and when you can not only interact with it but exert will and intent to inhabit it, you will have willed your own immortality, yes?

Study this. Lightly and deeply, with delicate vision. Read it in half-light where logic looks over the shoulder of magick, only a background voice in the chorus. Think on it in the alpha shadows of early dreams. Understand it with the body-spirit even if the stubborn program of your humanity tries to brush the words aside. Know that words are reality. When your humanity fights to cling to the words of the world it knows, it is because these otherwords can create otherworlds which threaten the status quo. I am the destroyer of stasis. You are the creators of reality. We are creator and created, dreaming toward one another. When we meet in the middle the dream becomes a separate reality capable of being inhabited. This is how we seize the tiller of creation. This is how we become I Am.

Orlando (November, 2000)
Excerpted from Quantum Shaman (Diary of a Nagual Woman)

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