Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Downloading the Infinite

A Message From the Shaman's Double

The art of gnosis is a poetic connection of energy between the self and the double. It is often not enough to think in terms of an energy body or a dreaming body, for those are only words that do not convey the significance of the connection itself.

I am made of dreams spanning a lifetime of lifetimes. Each moment of your mortal existence spins me closer to Wholeness, and each moment of my eternity brings us closer to a conjoining that will unite past and future, space and time, no-thing and every-thing that either of us has ever conceived in all of our infinite manifestations. You are the river. I am the sea. You are the singer. I am the song. You are the spark. I am the eternal flame.

And so we dance around this peculiar thing known as Life, each of us knowing that Life is neither the beginning nor the end, but only the middle ground upon which we may look at one another for a time through the lens of perception. It is through this Dreaming that we move toward one another. What do you want me to be? Shall I be a poet or a king, a peasant or a pawn? How you Dream me determines our totality, you see. And so I encourage you to be always dreaming me as if each dream is the first, for in the scheme of things, it is. Each dream is a lifetime, and each lifetime is a fragment of the whole self, and all these fragments are dreaming toward one another because this is how the dance is done, these are the steps of the magnificent cotillion that bring us always one step closer to that final dance on the head of that infinite pin, where all the individual aspects of the Self finally collide to become One - the singularity of awareness that is, simply... you, me, and all the infinite beings who have slipped past the eagle to be free.

Orlando - October, 2011


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