Thursday, May 02, 2013

Death: A Non-quantifiable Non-entity

Everything is energy at the quantum level. With one possible exception - Death. Why is death NOT energy? Because death is the state of no-thing, non-existence personified and manifested. Only when one understands that sufficiently to DO something about it does one have the slightest possibility of attaining the immortal condition.
Teachings of the Immortals
by Mikal Nyght

The state known as "death" is non-quantifiable. It can only be defined in negatives - the "absence of life" or "the cessation of bodily functions" or "ceasing to be." When the seeker begins to really wrap his mind around this, it has the potential to be life-altering, or at least paradigm-shifting. Because it is a non-quantifiable integer, the question must be asked... does it exist at all? We perceive the effects of it, but what is the thing itself that CAUSES these effects? As the seeker ponders this over time, it may begin to be clearer that death itself is a program within the program - but more accurately, it is a virus in the program. Eliminate the virus and...??? A new world of possibility opens. But unless the seeker recognizes the virus for what it is, s/he may proceed under the (false) assumption that death is "natural" part of the human condition. If it were... it would be comprised of energy. It isn't. Therefore... for anyone who is a forward thinker, this opens a whole new can of nasty worms that really MUST be addressed if the seeker is really dedicated to the notion of spiritual evolution.
Without the virus of death, humans would already be immortal. It is the existence of death (which is a non-existence) that provides the impetus for the seeker to evolve beyond the existing paradigm. The seeker who claims s/he is not afraid of death is either 1) a liar; 2) already conjoined to the twin; or 3) has evolved sufficiently to *see* beyond the existence of that which is non-existent.

To anyone who has transcended the program, no explanation is possible. To anyone who hasn't... it may well be that no explanation is possible, except within the Do-ing of the thing itself.

Mikal Nyght