Sunday, February 22, 2015

Castaneda's "Flyers" as Agent Smith

My experience with flyers has been rather unusual, but I've come to think so-called "flyers" may be a lot more intelligent than we believe, and a lot more cunning (and that's if they exist at all). To my knowledge, I've never been attacked directly by a flyer, or if I was the attack was brief and the flyer didn't like the taste of me. I'll take that as a compliment. What I have observed is that flyers have the capacity to act in the role of Agent Smith. (For anyone not familiar with THE MATRIX, Agent Smith is an intelligent extension of "The Program" who has the ability to essentially possess a human host and then attack his target. IOW, Agent Smith can look like anyone.)

In my own life, when I've found myself under heavy attack, it hasn't come from the flyers, but from Agent Smith, almost always having possessed the body of someone close to me. Crazy as this may sound, I'm not entirely kidding. In fact, I'm entirely serious. And the attacks almost always center around my spiritual path, in one way or another.

When I first launched the Quantum Shaman website back in 2000, I found myself suddenly under heavy attack from a relative. This person had always been a bit squirrly where I'm concerned, but when the website went online, one would have thought I had slaughtered their firstborn and eaten his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. The attacks were so off the wall that I came to the conclusion they must be possessed, for their behaviour had altered so radically that this was (literally) not the same person I had known for over 20 years. Then one day, when it became apparent that the attacks were not going to change my mind, were not going to convince me to take the website down, and were not going to get me to "tow the party line," the attacks stopped. The possession was terminated and the person reverted to their former self.

At that point, certain friends began behaving strangely. An entourage even showed up on my doorstep one day in what is now called an "intervention." (Anyone who knows me would know how that was destined to end.)  These were long-time friends who had suddenly decided among themselves that I needed to smile more. I needed to believe as they believed. I needed to tell the world that I loved daisies and puppies (I do love puppies & daisies, but kittens and roses are my preference.) I needed to be who they wanted me to be, even if it meant denouncing who I-Am. Whether these "friends" ever came to their senses and regained their own identity again, I never knew, because whatever had possessed them was sufficiently powerful that it began recruiting others to its cause, and the whole thing started to look like a zombie apocalypse from The Walking Dead. At the risk of sounding paranoid, a lot of people wanted to eat my brains - not just for the yummy taste, but because I was apparently rocking the consensual boat - first with the website, and later with my first book, Quantum Shaman (Diary of a Nagual Woman). Without every trying, without ever thinking it was possible, I had become a threat to the status quo of the consensual agreement.

Most recently a long-time friend got herself possessed by that rascal, Agent Smith, and came at me out of the blue with all sorts of really bizarre accusations that would have been right at home in a horror movie. Having known this person for so long, I knew it wasn't the person I've known, and of course the primary focus of her attack was what she called "your path". Unfortunately, I'm not Sam Winchester - don't know the proper Latin incantations to exorcise a demon from its human host, and not even sure an exorcism would have much effect on the mind-virus known as Agent Smith. After all, Smith isn't a demon. He isn't even human.  He is a reflection of our collective false beliefs - a hive mind thriving on agreement and the need for unwavering conformity. Agent Smith is the antithesis of spiritual evolution, for he is the cornerstone of stasis and the enforcer of the comfort zone of false beliefs.

Sadly, these possessions by Agent Smith can last for years, or they can spontaneously end for no apparent reason. Either way, when I see it happening, I've learned to employ the fine art of detachment and leave the ranting lunatic hopping up and down in its own droppings. Walk away - without anger or animosity, and especially without some half-baked notion that you can "fix" it. You can't. You can only "fix" yourself - and the flyer's agenda is to make sure you are so caught up in drama and chaos that you never get around to that little task. While you're swinging your sword at demons and flyers, life is going by, time is constricting around your throat, and death has taken one step closer.

Point here is simply this. Don't make the mistake of thinking flyers are just black shadows who nibble on your toes to eat your energy. If flyers exist at all, my experience has been that they are literally agents of the consensus - and they will come at you when and where you least expect it. The more you become aware of their tactics, the more absurdly obvious the flyers will become. Yes, I do wholly realize how crazy this may sound, but I can't deny a pattern that began to make itself obvious from the moment I embarked on this journey.

Whether we like it or not, whether we practice in secret or have a well known website or blog or even just post occasionally on private groups... warriors who are serious about their path are also a very serious threat to the complacency of the phantoms, because without ever intending it, we make others think, and the flyers do not want people to think for themselves. In fact, when you do encounter a "flyer" you can often identify them by the fact that you'll hear everybody else's words but their own spewing forth from their mouths. They are conduits, empty vessels - and as such they make an ideal host for the agendas of the consensus itself. They will tell you  how and who to be, precisely what they expect from you, and they will be sure to let you know what a disappointment you are for not dropping your life to live up to their expectations of who and what you should be. The roller coaster ride is really quite remarkable, and if you don't learn to see it coming, you may hop on board for a few laps before you know what hit you.

This is one reason I have advocated the philosophy: "The only winning move is not to play." Many warriors (particularly younger ones) tend to think that engaging "difficult people" is a good exercise in stalking, or a good way to "practice". In reality, when someone you know suddenly starts acting like a hostile stranger, chances are it's because they ARE a stranger, and trying to reason with them is like mistaking a force 5 tornado for a harmless little whirlwind. Do so at your own peril.

Agent Smith is not your friend. He's just squatting in their body, hoping you won't notice. Be aware. The "flyers" are all around you, closer than you think.
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