Saturday, July 09, 2011

Redefining Reincarnation

What if our "past lives" aren't in the past at all, but happening right now, to another aspect of our consciousness which might be called "The Double" or "The Immortal Other" or just simply "The Higher Self"?

The subject of "Redefining Reincarnation" has been an ongoing discussion on a couple of forums that are extensions of the
Quantum Shaman website.  For the sake of posterity, I'm going to create a series of blog entries which may help to clarify the difference between so-called "past lives" and the Totality of Self. 

A seeker wrote: If I am an imortal soul already, and you are also, as are all of the rest on the planet past and present... then why do you see it as impossible that we might not have interactions at an astral level (for lack of a better term) in dream state?

QUANTUM SHAMAN:  First, I do think warriors can interact on the dream/astral level.  But what's more important, perhaps, is that I do not see that "all of the rest on the planet past and present" are necessarily "immortal souls", though this is the common misconception among most belief systems on the planet.  For clarification, the spirit becomes eternal through the actions of the warrior right here, right Now, in this Lifetime, and no other.  Again, this might sound like a radical opinion, but it's really a matter of learning to look at the question and the world in a different way than we always have -- and only by doing can we enable and empower ourselves to evolve.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself how it would have screwed with your reality if you had been living in the time when it was discovered that the world is actually round.  Trying to wrap your mind around it would be no easy task, because you had always lived on a flat earth.  Many people actually went mad because of being forced to change their world view to such a large extent, and what I'm asking you to do here is much the same -- if you choose to.  You may be perfectly content with your progress as it is, and it's never my Intent to tell you what to believe.  It is only my obligation to present you with another piece of the puzzle.  So what I'm asking you to do is to consider for a moment the possibility that each spirit is unique, not "born" immortal, but becoming immortal (eternal is actually a better word) as a result of the ations of the warrior in this life. 

What if the earth really isn't flat?
Because we are inhabitants of a linear timeline, our paradigm has traditionally been to think in terms of "past lives" and therefore to view the spirit as having been here "before" we came into what we refer to as "our present incarnation."  In actuality, we are looking at it backward.  Our reference points are inaccurate.  From my own experience, it is only as the warrior grows and progresses along the path of Knowledge that the Unique Spirit begins to grow, evolve, and expand throughout the space-time continuum.  Then, from that foundation, it is accurate to say, "We have always been here and always will be."  But if the warrior never begins that journey, and remains at the level of a grinning phantom, there is no actual "immortality" of the spirit, but only the fragmentation of energy which was his/her consciousness in this single "lifetime".

As humans, we're asking the wrong questions.  The student says, "Master, how can I remember my past lives?"  To which the master can only reply, "By living this life Wholly."  That's been the pattern with myself and Orlando (my double, my immortal Other) over a long period of time.  We're asking how to build a boat that won't sail over the edge of the earth -- which means we're assuming the earth is flat.  Orlando's response was that he was trying to give us wings to fly over it all so as to get a better picture of The Big Picture.  The earth really isn't flat.  And, though this is not a popular opinion, the spirit isn't really "immortal" until we inhabit the totality of ourselves -- which means, in essence, to bring total awareness into a single assemblage point where the I-Am becomes ubiquitous, eternal, outside of time. 

And, of course, from that assemblage point, the mortal self still inside the linear timestream will almost inevitably mistake the Whole self as evidence of "past lives", when in reality it is more accurately understood as follows:  because the Whole self exists, it can and has/is taking on all the manifestations of past-present-future which are relevant to its own growth and evolution.  If your evolution required an experience that stemmed from the "life" of a young boy in Greece, then the Whole Self could automatically and instantaneously from the assemblage point of eternity live that lifetime in its entirety, so that the holographic matrix of YOU would contain that "data".  In other words, it isn't some random or accidental progression of a spirit through time. Instead, it is the Spirit of the warrior, made whole through Intent and Will, directing the Spirit to learn the lessons which will enable the warrior to become the Whole spirit.

This is what I refer to as the Circle of Self, and once it is understood it frees the warrior to embrace his own power and put aside dependencies on the idea of external forces.  Again, I'm not at all discounting that these forces exist, but in most cases they are really not at all what we think.  The spirit is made of eternal energy, but the consciousness which is attached to that energy is lost into fragmentation of energy if the warrior hasn't done the work of gathering the cohesion of Self in this life.  IOW, the raw ingredients are sugar and flour and that doesn't change, but unless they are brought together by the will of the sorcerer, they never become a cake.

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