Sunday, October 29, 2017

Leaders & Bitches & Bullies, Oh My!

A seeker said: I would pose this question to all women. "Why did you let yourself be knocked from the center? What is it in you all (well most) today that keeps you from reclaiming it?"

I can't speak for other females, but I have never felt "knocked from the center", at least not in any personal way. I can see that women in general have been essentially forced to work behind the scenes in order to advance what might be called "the feminine agenda" (nurturing, just for example), and this seems to be largely because we live in a patriarchal society here in the west, so a lot of energy can be wasted stalking the technicalities of how to get something accomplished, whereas a man would be able to just grunt, scratch and proclaim, "It shall be done!" and there would be no question. So, for me at least, it's largely a matter of logistics - stalking any given situation to determine the easiest manner in which to get the male to think it was his own idea in the first place.

It's also interesting to note that most of our (alleged) "spiritual leaders" are male. (I say most, not all). And yet, it seems to me that the feminine spirit is often more in touch with nature/spirit. Go figure.

I got an email awhile back from a highly respected Toltec author, which read: "One of the problems you face is that all men and even many women are threatened by any female in a position of spiritual power. Until that paradigm is undone (which won't happen in our lifetime), you would do well to take a male persona for your internet activities and observe how much easier your task would become if you were perceived as a nagual man rather than a nagual woman. Having observed your website and forums for a few years now, what I would offer to you is that most of the heat and hate you attract is a direct result of the inconsequential nature of your gender. Were a male nagual to say the same things you have said, he would be heralded as a wiseman, but when a female nagual in western culture says the same things she is perceived as a shrew and a heretic."

Though I want to believe otherwise, this does indeed seem to be the case. Rather like the old adage: "A powerful man is called a leader. A powerful woman is called a bitch."

Ah well... we live in a primitive world.

Considering also the roles of male & female just in our ordinary social structure, I occasionally drop in at a local casino for dinner with friends, and occasionally I might even drop a few quarters in a slot machine just to test my luck (all of which is an illusion, by the way - "luck" doesn't exist anymore than gods exist). So one night I'm sitting at a machine and a man sits down next to me, huffing and puffing on a cigarette and blowing smoke directly in my face. The man who was on his other side waved the smoke away, and the male smoker said nothing. But when I waved his smoke away, he suddenly went into a rage, calling me names that shouldn't be repeated even in a low class whorehouse. To his surprise, I can give it as well as I get it, and I provided him with a few choice phrases that hopefully improved his vocabulary a bit.

But the real amusement came when he stood up, puffed out his chest, and asked in a gruff male voice while adjusting his man package, "Do you want to take this outside, bitch?" At this point, I could only laugh - after all, I'm technically an old lady by today's standards, yet this "gentleman" was quite willing to (in his words) "smack me and teach me a lesson." Oh, boy! I could hardly wait! But I'm also no fool, so I suggested that he take a swing right then and there - in the casino, in the presence of hundreds of surveillance cameras and multiple witnesses, including security guards who would no doubt have enjoyed dragging his mangy arse to the mat. I wouldn't have minded owning his house, his car and his inbred children.

Unfortunately, he didn't take a swing, which only disappointed me, since I haven't had a good sparring match in years and could have used the target practice. Ah well... perhaps another time. I actually got the impression he was afraid - a bona fide coward who is used to bullying women and getting away with it. I won't be bullied. I don't think he was necessarily afraid of me. He was afraid of the consequences of his actions. In other words, he couldn't have cared less about hurting someone. He only cared about getting caught. Typical. Sadly, stupidly typical.

But lest the point here get lost - remember I said that the man on the smoker's other side waved the smoke away with no consequence? Yet when a female did the same thing, she was perceived not only as a bitch but apparently as a threat to the toadie's manhood (which was undoubtedly small and withered, judging by his need to beat up old ladies). Double standards. And yet this is how our western culture operates - always has, and perhaps always will - not because it is the law of nature, but because it is tolerated and even accepted by men and women alike.

For the record, I'm not advocating violence - especially if you don't have the necessary skills to protect yourself. But what I am advocating is no longer tolerating bullies - whether in a casino, a church or online. It was only when I made the bully aware that there would be consequences to his actions that he backed down, put out his pig stick, and slithered off to his bully buddies to seek comfort in numbers. Maybe he learned something, though I doubt it. But at the very least, maybe he will think twice before attempting to bully another woman.

As for the person who emailed me suggesting I take a male pseudonym for my internet activities... there's something to be said for that. I only wish I had done it from the start because I do feel it would have made a tremendous difference.

If I had published my first book, Quantum Shaman, as "Don Julio Francisco" maybe things would be different. Who's to say? Just seems ironic and more than a little absurd to me that we judge one another by what is swinging betwixt our thighs rather than what resides between our ears.

Just some thoughts from The Bitch.

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