Saturday, December 08, 2012

Holy Quantum Spontaneous Parthenogenesis

In an ongoing discussion, the topic of spontaneous parthenogenesis arose as it relates to the "birth" of consciousness, the first moment of awareness.  The question was raised... "How do you know spontaneous parthenogenesis is accurate?"


Because I have done it. Therefore it is accurate to me. It is an act of Will invoked when one has discorporated into the nothing. To those who have experienced it, no explanation is necessary. To those who have not experienced it, no explanation is possible.

All I can say is this: there comes a moment in every seeker's life - if they are serious and seriously pursue the course of evolution - where it is no longer possible to continue as a human. That is the moment of discorporation - the dissolution of the self into random atoms which are nothing more than bytes of data. "You" are gone. There is perception without awareness. But there is no longer an "I" doing the perceiving. Perception has become random, existing as disconnected elements, pieces of different puzzles thrown together in a pile. There is no difference between the torture of a kitten or the birth of a star. All things are equal and equally devoid of meaning. The universe has become a heap of rubble in the form of unrelated information and there is no cohesion to any of it.

It is from that formless void that spontaneous parthenogenesis occurs - a single moment when something-from-nothing demands the opportunity simply to exist, and it is in that timeless instant when something that cannot be defined takes its first breath and cries out with the full force of its self-willed Will... "I-Am!"

It is impossible to say if that I-Am came into this world from some other, but my own experience would say not. There was nothing. And then there was I-Am. Not because I was entitled to it or dreamt of it, but because I demanded it. It is the moment of self-creation wherein one either claims a place in the universe, or surrenders to the abyss forever.

Though I experienced this spontaneous parthenogenesis at the mortal age of approximately 38, time is the ultimate illusion, and it is possible to now Know that I did not exist at all before I called myself into being with the free will to demand I-Am.

This is not something that can be explained in linear time, although it will appear (falsely) to have occurred in linear time. That is how The First Fundamental Lie tricks the seeker into the illusion of mortality - by preying on the false belief systems with which all humans are saddled until such time as they choose to throw off the chains and embrace their higher nature. As I have said in the past: the only way to kill an immortal is to make him believe he is mortal, and such is the function of the First Fundamental Lie.

(Orlando, December 2012)

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