Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Holy Trinity (and other things that go bump in the night)

(Written in response to a seeker who asked if a belief in God, religion, ETs and the holy trinity would negatively impact her path toward evolution...) ______________________

  To believe in Jesus, the Holy Trinity, ETs and so forth is not "wrong." All of those things exist at one level of reality or another - but not necessarily as humans have concluded as a consensus. What the spiritual seeker must consider is what SHE has concluded, as well as the amount of actual belief (and power) she attributes to the thing itself. It's false conclusions that usually lead to false belief systems. For example... consider the possibility that the Holy trinity is actually this:

 Mortal Self, Immortal Twin, Conjoined Singularity

 In Biblical terms, these attributes were assigned to "God" alone, but in reality this is the very "structure" of the human "soul" - it is a 3-part entity which begins with the mortal human, evolves to the projected/manifested Immortal Twin, and culminates in the (re)conjoining of the 2 (mortal self, immortal twin) at which point a transformation, transcendence or transmogrification is Willed into being, resulting in the infinite Singularity. THIS is the core nature of the "holy trinity" - it didn't come into being through religion. Quite the contrary. It is a facet of nature which has been adopted (and skewed) by religion, until it has left humans believing they are "wretches" who need to be saved through "amazing grace." In reality, Thou Art God - Create Yourself Accordingly. YOU are the trinity.

It's human CONCLUSIONS that lead to all sorts of false belief systems. So - I would say that the "holy trinity" exists, but not as religion would have you believe.

As for Jesus... whether he ever existed as a man, there is no way to know. What is certain is that he exists NOW as a quantifiable belief system - basically an allegory/tulpa that has taken on shape and form BECAUSE of so much energy and belief placed onto the IDEA of it. Put another way - man creates god in his own image. Nothing wrong with that - it could be said that man NEEDS his gods until such a time when man is ready to accept responsibility for his own existence, his own "salvation" and his own evolution into immortality. Religion takes the responsibility OUT of the hands of man, and asks only that man "believe upon the Lord and you will be saved." Ah, if only it were that SIMPLE!

The reality is that each and every human being CHOOSES whether s/he will take responsibility for herself or not. It's easy enough to believe that some metaphysical entity is going to somehow "save" one from the final oblivion of death, but when a seeker comes face to face with the Realization that the myths man has created are really only comfort zones to guard against his own AWARENESS of his mortality... the seeker stands at a crossroads where s/he must decide whether she will have "faith" or come to the further Realization that "the destruction of faith is the beginning of evolution." For it's only when we stop blindly believing in what we have been TOLD and start really *seeing* things as they ARE that we take back our own inherent metamagickal POWER and invoke the mantra that is our first step toward freedom.

What is that mantra? Simply this: I-AM! What is the I-Am? Put simply, it is the declaration of self-awareness – the identity of the self within the whole of the holographic universe, the indelible statement that One now exists as a vessel of awareness & consciousness that is ubiquitous, infinite, eternal and non-local. Not only in the Now, but in the All of all the Nows.

As for extraterrestrials, spirits and other entities... never forget that the universe is infinite and filled with mysteries. It would be foolish and self-indulgent to believe that what we perceive directly is all that exists. After all - we cannot directly see a virus or an amoeba, but our lack of vision doesn't mean they don[t exist. And in a universe that IS so vast, it would be pure arrogance to believe Earth is the only planet with sentient life.

Studies have been done with a substance called DMT (dimethyltriptamine) [[DMT: THE SPIRIT MOLECULE - Strassman]] which essentially indicate that there are entire other "universes" existing all around us - things we cannot see with our humanform eyes, but things which may be perceived with the "third eye" of silent knowing (aka: gnosis). When our so-called "reality filters" are taken away, we not only *see* but come to Know we are not alone in this vast and mysterious universe. It should also be considered that many "schizophrenics" and others suffering from so-called "delusional" states may well be *seeing* things which exist beyond the normal range of human perception - for reasons unknown, the "reality filters" of these individuals may be thin or non-existent. It is not my purpose here to get into a lengthy discussion about so-called "mental illness" (a term that has always seemed offensive and judgmental to me). Instead, I point these things out to remind seekers that "all that we see or seem... is but a dream within a dream." To clarify - what we CONCLUDE is a "dream" may well be the reality, and so we must always ask - are we the dreamed or the dreamer, or both or neither?

Remember this: the seeker's responsibility is to the Self (though the energy vampires all around you will tell you otherwise!) - the evolution of the mortal self into the immortal twin into the conjoined singularity. We are all just a chrysalis in the process of unfolding - and that unfolding is not always pleasant but often painful... and yet it is the journey that defines us and the destination that provides us with the foundation for the next evolution.

Be always unfolding,
Mikal Nyght

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