Friday, January 02, 2015

Once Upon a "Time"

(Further thoughts on "The First Fundamental Lie")
Once upon a time... I was at a street fair in Palm Springs, standing in our booth. It was long after sundown and the crowds had thinned as closing time approached. Two young men came into the booth and one of them looked at me with a deep intensity. "Read Tertium Organum by Ouspensky - it will teach you about time," the young man said. I learned a lot from that book. I learned a lot MORE from the young messenger who appeared out of the nothing and just as quickly returned to it. The world (and time) are nothing like we have been taught to believe. In a recent discussion in the Carlos Castaneda group on Facebook, someone mentioned that 'without time we couldn't experience timelessness'. But is that really true? Is that only another dualistic approach to what might simply be a non-dualistic "entity"? In my excursions with the mushroom ally, a lot of my instruction in the Otherworld has been on the subject of "time" - and I can only assume there is a reason my allies continue attempting to reveal the "truth" about time. They insist it is an "illusion," but that is only a word, a description. It may be an "illusion" in the sense that our humanform (lack of) comprehension is such that we have concluded that flies cause garbage.The allies (and my double) speak of "moving between the tick and tock of the clock," which would imply existence in a "timeless" world is possible right "here" and "now" (though both of those words require the presence of "time", and so the conundrum grows.) As I see it, both "time" and "timelessness" exist within the paradoxical limitless confines of what we can only call "the hologram". It's literally the sphere of all possibility - the eye of god looking at him/herself in the mirror, and coming to realize that s/he is the creator and janitor of it all, through the window of awareness. Simultaneously - thou art god (create yourself accordingly). Words cannot unravel time even if time might occasionally allow words to be more easily unraveled.
When I have sat in the gnosis of silent knowing and just observed "time", what I inevitably *see* is the blackness of the void between galaxies. It is a non-entity. Light creates time, and so my double has also spoken of moving "between the particles of light." The sorcerer who seeks to "leave this earth in the manner of a sorcerer" understands this, and further understands that this is not "death" but a manner of transcendence, even transmogrification. The only way to defy "time" (and death) is to become transparent to them both by transcending the human form and therefore (automatically) moving between the particles of light, moving in between the tick and the tock of the clock. To become "timeless" we become that No-thing which looks to a *seer* like the void. Of course... the void is immeasurable (and immeasurably sentient), even in a single square centimeter of itself (which may well be the square centimeter of chance DJM spoke of). We are humans trying to comprehend a concept that is, quite simply, beyond human comprehension. The only way to transcend that "limitation" is to transcend the human form. Silent knowing is the first step in that direction. The second step is avoiding the automatic (and erroneous) conclusions about "time" which come from a lifetime of programming and erroneous input. We can't come to correct conclusions when we have been spoon fed incorrect information. Time will tell. __________________ Copyright 2014 by Della Van Hise All Rights Reserved

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