Sunday, January 31, 2016

Life: Tragedy or Comedy?

Comment from a seeker:
Being in human form can be nothing but a tragedy. Or as Gautama put it, being human is suffering.

Sure, at a certain level, that is a true statement. Buddha was also depicted as laughing a lot. Rather like don Juan. If we are smart, we learn not only to see beyond the suffering, but to live beyond it. Buddha clearly managed that. As did "Jesus". As did don Juan. As does any man or woman of Knowledge.

This morning, I walked out onto our carport to fetch something-or-other and my eyes fell upon my mother's walker leaning up against the wall, gathering dust. It was one of those moments when I realized what a tragedy life is. The universe has holes in it, left by those who once walked the earth. That's a tragedy. Or is it? Is an empty nest left in the tree a tragedy or a triumph for the mama bird whose fledglings have flown away? Do we mourn the eggshell left behind when we emerge from it into a larger world?

Questions. No definitive answers, but is that what we're looking for? Or is it the questions themselves that form the path which we call the journey? Many are fond of saying that we cannot know for certain what lies beyond this life, and I have never disagreed with that. On the other hand, I think we can learn much from speculation-through-experience. The chick inside the egg may not be able to clearly see the world that lies beyond the shell, but there are flashes of light, moments of warmth and coolness...

And perhaps it isn't the Absolute Knowing that matters, but our ability to create possibilities with our thoughts. If I believe based on experience that the human organism projects the double and has the potential to inhabit that assemblage point as a singularity of consciousness for eternity, then perhaps that is the reality I create through the quantum manipulation of energy. Perhaps not... but there is at least joy and satisfaction in that journey, as opposed to the "tragedy" and "grief" I see in a lot of others who claim to be on a spiritual path.

So my point here is that if you believe that nothing can be known beyond this life, then do you take that as an excuse not to look? If you believe the double has no relevance for you, do you assign some different meaning to your own experiences as a way of keeping those experiences quantified within an existing parameter?

You say life is a tragedy. And so it shall be.

QUESTION/COMMENT:  Reach for the infinite all you want. Explore the reaches of third attention. Be taught by the mushroom ally. Learn to see through the little smoke ally. Experience power places in the lovely desert. Conjoin with your double. Conjure things, direct lightning, manipulate energy. You still come back to this reality, the tonal, and none of those experiences changes one iota of the tonal.

The purpose of experience is not to change the tonal but to shift the assemblage point of the Self. As a result of the things you have listed above, I am not the same person I was 25 years ago or even 25 minutes ago. When a warrior's energy becomes fluid, the warrior becomes the river rather than being merely a leaf carried along in the currents. That may not change "the tonal", but it changes everything - every thing - within the warrior herself.

The real purpose of walking with allies is not to just ride along like some lazy passenger, but to actually learn to drive the bus. The bus is yourself. If you treat the ally like a "carrier", then all you will come back with are memories of the experience. But if you approach the ally as a teacher, you come away with a shifted assemblage point. The world is no longer seen through the same eyes.

I once lamented precisely what you are saying here. Until the ally itself reached out to me long after the journey itself, and said, You can remember our time together or you can walk with me outside of time always. The experience is not something of the past. It is ongoing - because I consciously chose to "remember" the assemblage point of the mushroom ally in the Now and not just look back on some fading memory.

QUESTION/COMMENT:  Equate don Juan to Jesus. Equate Carlos Castaneda to say any of the apostles. I really don't give much of a shit what the apostles had to say or do. My only concern has been with what Jesus himself said and did.  I could care less about Castaneda, what he said or did. I'm interested in The Man, and that would be don Juan.

Keeping in mind that Carlos was a "trickster" who allegedly learned from don Juan, the possibility must be allowed that Carlos was don Juan. In fact, it almost cannot be otherwise.

Maybe a lot of puzzle pieces were taken from older paradigms - i.e., there are rumors that say Carlos patterned don Juan after a couple of shamans he met over the years - but ultimately Carlos wrote the books... and no one (no one) ever met don Juan other than Carlos, at least not that can be verified. Some of the women in Carlos's world claim they did, but did they really? Simply no way to know.

Don Juan remains a mystery, but I am a believer in Occam's Razor. Carlos was don Juan - the man behind the curtain. But the wizard's magic remains real even if the wizard is seen to be "just a man". The wizard is spirit. The magic comes from spirit, channeled through our humanform at times, but remaining pure in and of itself.

A serious question: what would you lose if you let go of your beliefs (about anything - not just the current topic), and lived your life (even if for just one day) from a somewhat opposite perspective? I've done this as a matter of stalking from time to time - walked through the world with the "belief" that I am a 90 year old black woman (one experiment), or that I am invisible (another experiment), or that I am scheduled to be executed at midnight this very night.

The results are that when I shift my AP into an entirely "other" position, I actually see the world quite differently and sometimes that enables new windows to open, new cracks in the cosmic egg to become visible. Digging in my heels only means I then have to defend something, and we all know that leads nowhere with a giant lead weight around one's neck.

When I start stalking myself and asking where my opinions come from, I usually find that if they are only opinions, they do not come from my own life-experience, but from either "book learning" or second hand information. Not of much value in the nagual, nor even in the tonal, actually.

Just my opinions.

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