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Death: A Position of the Assemblage Point

An excerpt from "Questions Along the Way"
September 24, 2007

In Dreaming...
I am standing face to face with Orlando (my double), but he has taken my own face and form.  My sense is that this is to avoid the paradox of "the sorcerer who comes face to face with his double is a dead sorcerer." 

He says to me, "Death is a position of the assemblage point."

This seems obvious to me, yet I realize there is an entire world of Knowledge being downloaded in that statement.  A simple, straightforward statement, yet embedded with layers upon layers of data which can barely be conceived by the brain/mind of ordinary awareness.

The dream shifts, and I am "Della" again.  I am telling Wendy about this dream I had.  I say to her, "Orlando was telling me that death is a position of the assemblage point - and as he spoke those words, he took both hands, palms open, and shoved me at the shoulders - the way kids on a playground might shove one another in a form of mock-battle."  As I tell her this, I demonstrate by performing the shove on her shoulders. Then, as I push her shoulders, I repeat once again, "Death is a position of the assemblage point."

I see her "change" - as if understanding something at a very deep level.

Dream ends...

As I woke from this dream, the words continued to rattle through my mind.  Death is a position of the assemblage point.  And something inside me began to turn, to *see* something which is still in the infancy of being *seen*.  The push on the shoulders, I simply Knew, was a push to the dual positions of the assemblage point - the tonal & nagual.

I've been toying with trying to write an article for awhile about the dual assemblage point which I have *seen* when working with warriors who have been on the path for any length of time.  Most often, people whom I might categorize as "ordinary folk" (not warriors or wo/men of Knowledge, in other words) have what amounts to a single assemblage point that is often fractured & fragmented - non-cohesive.  Warriors who have been on the path for a short time will often show a more focused AP.  And wo/men of Knowledge will quite often have what I have come to call "a dual assemblage point". The way I have begun to interpret this is that one assemblage point might be described as the tonal self, and the other assemblage point would be the AP of the nagual (or the AP of the double).

When working with this path at a quantum level, it even makes sense why this would be. The energy body may appear to act separately from our human awareness, so it stands to reason that it would possess what amounts to an individual AP.  Another way to look at it (in Toltec terms) would be to say that the nagual self goes into third attention to serve as the beacon to the mortal self who remains in first attention (see THE EAGLE'S GIFT by Carlos Castaneda). Carlos stated that the nagual man & nagual woman were two separate beings. My own experience is that this was probably his own experience because he described himself as a "3-prong nagual". Other manifestations of a so-called nagual appear to have different experiences - myself included. Orlando was not an extant or separate being.  We are the same being, divided as a matter of facilitating the evolution of both toward the One - i.e., "the totality of oneself".

Anyone coming into this fresh will have virtually no idea what I'm talking about, so my comments here are primarily for my own assimilation, and for anyone who already has some background of my workings with the double.

My current work involves a thorough examination of the dual assemblage point.  And my sense from the highlighted dreaming ("death is a position of the assemblage point") is that "death" may be a world most humans assemble "naturally" at the end of their life cycle, but for sorcerers or wo/men of Knowledge, death is nothing more than a position of the assemblage point which may be bypassed through the merging of the dual assemblage points - either at the moment of physical cessation, or perhaps altogether unrelated to the point of physical "death".

We talk about embracing the totality of ourselves, and though I have explained that sufficiently for my own understanding, I nonetheless feel compelled to further this exploration for reasons I have chosen to trust even though I do not entirely understand them.  Sometimes I find that when I proceed in this manner, I may be putting out something that someone else needs - which, also, is part of my own assimilation.  Other times, I may just be writing my own mythology on the fabric of the universe, and that's okay, too.

But no matter...  The thoughts that come to me on the heels of the highlighted dreaming download revolve around the interconnected ideas of burning with the fire from within, and embracing the totality of oneself.  Is this accomplished by a merger of the dual assemblage points into what I have come to call a "singularity of consciousness"?

It is simply known to me through my own awareness and experiences that if/when I "die" in this earthly form, I will essentially step out of Della and into Orlando - which is a merger of the dual assemblage points into a singularity, an emergence into the totality of myself.  Others will say that this cannot be known, but can only be speculated.  And to those people, I would say... you're absolutely right.  (For you.)

For myself, I continue to be fascinated with the being referred to by CC as "the tenant" - an organic being who essentially defied "death" and became what I would describe as a "singularity" while still in some manner of corporeal manifestation.  DJM referred to this being as an aberration, but... is that really the case?  Who's to say?  And to NOT ask the question seems to be succumbing to some superstitious fear that may have no basis in reality whatsoever.

Just some rambling thoughts, riding in on the wave of a powerful Dreaming.

"Death is a position of the assemblage point."

Is it an assemblage point we naturally choose?  Is it an assemblage point we MUST choose?  What are the implications of this knowledge?


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