Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Trick of the Light

Watching Netflix tonight with Wendy when a very old lamp in my room came on all by itself and began to flicker erratically. Since I had received a shiny new K-2 meter for xmas, I whipped it out and it registered a mid-level EM-field. Tested it against other devices in the room, nada. Just the lamp. Over the course of the evening, the light remained on at a low level (it's a 3-way), flickering from time to time.

It's been a very odd 24 hours. Last night I was awakened by a VERY bright light in the room and the hissing of the kittens. No way to describe it. At first I thought it was like a flood light, but as I sat up and really observed it, I realized it had no specific source. It crossed my mind that perhaps we had finally been nuked and this was a slow-motion reaction. It also crossed my mind that it was that pesky go-into-the-light-carolann-light some see when they are crossing over. Neither alternative was particularly reassuring. Considering the date, I wondered if it might be the Christmas star, but I have no such beliefs, so that one had to be discarded as well.

The light lasted perhaps 1-2 full minutes, accompanied by an odd "warbling" sound somewhat like one of the old-style British sirens, but at a much faster speed. When the sound stopped, the light seemed to "fold" into itself and went out altogether. The kittens had run under the bed and stayed there until morning. I considered joining them, but chose instead to stare out the screen door into the night, wondering... wondering.


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