Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eliminating False Beliefs That Imprison Us In the Matrix

In the course of a discussion about our human programming, I asked a young man to give me an example of one of his most deeply held beliefs.  He replied, "God is good."  What follows is my response.


I'm going to start by reminding you that nothing here is personal. Then I am going to destroy your world. It is not my Intent to destroy you - but if you are deeply attached to your belief, getting separated from it can and will be painful. Just remember: all of these things are a choice. And do NOT make the mistake of believing anything I am telling you. Belief itself is nothing more than faith, and faith is the greatest destroyer of free will.

You say God is good.
I say god does not exist, and goodness is nothing more than a humanform assignation. I would ask you simply this: WHY do you believe in God in the first place? Think back into your early life. Is it something you were taught to believe by parents or teachers? Is it something you read in a book? Go back as far as you can and really examine where this belief came from. Were you told the typical fairy tales of a caring father-figure on a throne, looking down upon his human children? Do you understand that this is the explanation parents generally give in the western culture when the child begins to become aware of its mortality? Ah, but do you also understand that even mortality is part of the larger consensus which tells you, "All things die"?
This is a good place to really observe that all programs are deeply interconnected. As the child begins to question, the parents generally want to offer comfort or some sense of continuity that transcends all logic. So the child is indoctrinated with the prevailing belief system of its culture - in this case, Christianity. You were told that God exists, but you have never seen him (or her). You may even believe God exists... but there is a vast and crucial difference between what you believe and what you really Know. You may believe aliens from Alpha Centauri are creating crop circles in your shaving cream, but that doesn't make it so. The ONLY way to Know would be to experience it directly - and I am willing to bet you have not experienced "god" directly. If you think you have, I am willing to bet you are merely drawing erroneous conclusions based on what you (again) have been told, and have come to be-lie-ve.

Erroneous conclusions. This is another area where the seeker has to be extremely aware. A magnificent sunset or a remission from cancer is not evidence of the existence of God. So if you plan on using the argument of "I just feel God exists and therefore I know God exists..." think again. What you feel is largely rooted in biochemical exchanges in the brain or programming/conditioning that has been placed upon you by (again) well-meaning parents, teachers, friends, etc. Do you realize that you are culturally programmed to recoil from a spider or snake, and feel warmth toward a butterfly or kitten? And in the exact same way, you have been programmed at some level to believe "God is good," when the reality is that there is no proof of God and no proof of goodness. Both exist as concepts in your mind - ideas that represent something which does not exist.
As a brief aside, the idea of "goodness" might come one centimeter closer to reality than the idea of god - only because it has been proven that all humans (and most animals) really do have within themselves a barometer which tells us "right" from "wrong" at a very intuitive and base level. This has nothing to do with social standards or so-called morality. It has to do with survival instinct. For example, you know instinctively not to stick your hand in fire or try to breathe underwater. Bad things will happen, and so this level of "programming" exists under the heading of "instinct". Tribal cultures will tell you that their warriors know intuitively not to kill a pregnant doe or hunt the buffalo to extinction. None of these things have any connection to the idea of "goodness", but fall under a broader heading of what don Juan (Carlos Castaneda) referred to as "the right way to live." As it was stated in Harry Potter, "There is no good or evil, only power." The fact that the line was delivered by the "evil" Voldemort" is irrelevant. It is an undeniable statement of fact. Go(o)d and (D)evil do not exist, except as extensions of human beliefs.

If you have any doubt of this, take the concept one step further. What would "good" look like? Is it a gaseous cloud or a scoop of ice cream or a mantra mumbled on the lips of monks? What does "evil" look like? Is it a demon with black wings and an appetite for little children, or a serial killer preying on the weak? As you take this further and further down the rabbit hole, what you will discover is that good and evil, god and devil, are ALL only creations of Man, and not the other way around. Man created God in his own image because Man realizes intuitively that he is mortal and seeks something outside of himself to save him.  Man IS God, but the moment Man takes responsibility for that huge responsibility, all of Man's comfort zones are wiped out in a nano-second, and he comes face to face with himself in the mirror. But instead of seeing his intrinsic power and ability, Man usually sees only his limitations and fears, and so he sings the world into being as the illusory dream-state wherein this extant "god" exists who will somehow reach into the illusion and pluck the soul of Man out of harm's way, and into a world where the streets are paved with gold atop the big rock candy mountain.
Sound like a fairy tale? That's because it is.

When you say "God is good," you reveal that you are still operating inside the humanform program at a very base level. The first step toward real freedom (immortality, transmogrification, or however you want to label it) requires the seeker to eradicate ANY belief which places responsibility outside himself. If you believe in God, you are automatically saddled with ALL of the programming that goes with it - all of the illusions and lies and comfort zones Man has created in an attempt to abdicate responsibility for his own "salvation." By accepting one aspect of the God program, you accept the whole program, even if you are not consciously aware of it. Why? Because the idea of "God" predisposes one to believe in an extant deity/creator/savior who must be called upon and/or appeased in some way, and only then will this God intervene on one's behalf.

Extant. Outside. Separate. Apart.

Man Can Exist Without Gods
 As long as Man places God outside himself, Man has given away his power and relinquished his ability to save himself. The Catholics and others have depended on this for centuries, and if you think for a moment that it is a benevolent belief system, think again. The church depends on keeping people ignorant and dependent - because that's what keeps the money rolling in to the church coffers.
Is this good? Is this God?
If God is good, why would he allow such travesty in his name? Would a truly benevolent and loving God of goodness allow wars to be fought in his name? If you try to tell me, "God works in mysterious ways," then you are even more hopeless than you may realize. That is just the standardized lingo which translates to, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." As long as you can go on believing in the Great & Powerful Oz, you don't need to look down and see that you've been wearing the ruby slippers all along. As long as you can be blinded and hoodwinked by the razzle-dazzle of "God," you are failing to see that the only God that exists is the one staring back at you over the sink every morning when you brush your teeth.
THINK about it. If you think God is good, then you must think it is good that serial killers and sexual predators prey on children, or animals are tortured by madmen who film themselves doing all sorts of heinous deeds just for the sake of doing it. Is this goodness? If God exists, would he allow such things? We could argue about free will and choice, but the bottom line is that IF God exists, and IF you accept that s/he created all things... then god created the serial killer KNOWING that person would become a serial kiiller, and God created the 7-year old girl who will be brutalized and raped by the serial killer, KNOWING that would be her fate.
If you still think "God is good," then I would bet you really aren't thinking. You are basing your statement on a pre-existing belief that has nothing to do with reality. Or you are drawing erroneous conclusions based on wishful thinking.
A man looks up at the sky and sees a falling star. "What a magnificent miracle from God!" he exclaims.

On the other side of the world, that falling star turns out to be a wayward meteorite that crashes into a village, killing hundreds. "What an evil act of vengeance from the gods!" the women who lost 3 children cries.
It's all in how you *see* it. And neither has anything to do with reality.
You create the world through what you believe. Just be sure you are creating a world you want to live in.
Mikal Nyght 2013

[NOTE:  I'm not here to rob anyone of their belief in God.  If you need it to get through your day, that's your affair.  This seeker came to me asking how he might improve his life - and it was quickly observed that he was "waiting" for his "God" to save him from himself.  So my goal here as a responsible mentor was to assist him in removing the belief systems that have trapped him in an impotent cycle.  If you still want to send hate mail, rest assured I am no stranger to it.  MN]

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