Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"The Destruction of Faith is the Beginning of Evolution"

"The Destruction of Faith is the Beginning of Evolution."

My mentor said those words to me more than 20 years ago, and I have found them to be one of the most valuable lessons I've ever learned. What I've also discovered is that the word "faith" can just as easily be replaced with the word "belief" or "programs" - and for anyone serious about nagualism, it's really where the journey has to start.

What is seemingly not understood by many is that most if not all "beliefs" stem directly from fear - and fear is the first enemy of a wo/man of Knowledge, the first enemy of any true seeker. There is an ongoing disagreement in the Carlos Castaneda group on Facebook regarding the idea of "god" or a "creator" - right down to the point where some want to argue that they aren't the same thing. To which I would reply - Semantics don't alter the bottom line. Any intrinsic belief in a god or creator implies that there is something "out there" greater and more powerful than oneself. And if you believe that, you are disempowering yourself at the core level - not out of any "respect" for this entity, but out of fear that you yourself are not capable of facilitating your own evolution. If you believe there is a "god" watching over you, then you have automatically placed yourself into some sort of pre-existing hierarchy that would make you "lesser than" your god/creator.

It may also be considered that the foreign installation has programmed humans to find false beliefs not only comforting, but downright addictive. Believing in a "savior" for example is highly appealing to many - because it abdicates all responsibility for the self, and one need only ask "forgiveness" for all manner of "sin" in order to be granted admittance to some paradise over the rainbow of reason. Believing in "karma" allows the true believer to think that "He'll get his!" when the reality is that good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people, and the only "justice" in the universe is what we believe (and our beliefs usually have very little basis in reality). These are just 2 brief examples, but the list is long - and it's why I encourage all seekers to question everything, all the time, including and especially their own beliefs. Don't just ask yourself what you believe, but take the time to seriously examine why you believe it. Is it something you know to be true through direct personal experience, or is it something you believe because you've believed it for so long that you probably don't even remember why you believe it?

Some may think it arrogant to suggest that you are the most powerful being in the universe - but unless and until you accept that responsibility, you will automatically be governed by fear and robbed of clarity because belief systems such as this blind the seeker to his own limitless Will. What created you was the Will of the fastest sperm and the will of the strongest egg. The spark of consciousness that looks out through your eyes is the result of that spontaneous parthenogenesis, and the instinct to SURVIVE (to slip past the eagle to be free) is the creative extension of that will in action.

It isn't my intent here to rob anyone of their religion. If you are a religious person, you probably don't belong in this group in the first place - because nagualism (or quantum shamanism) is not a religion, it is a practice, a way of life, and a manner of traveling. It is not a belief system, but a methodology through which seekers can unravel their own false belief systems  and programs and lose their "faith" AND their fear (no matter how comforting or intrinsic those beliefs may be!) - so that they may emerge on the other side of it all having lost all spiritual, emotional and mental dependencies. In fact, this is at the very heart of "losing the human form."

"What's in the cave?"
Only what you bring with you.

My mentor pushed me to the edge of the abyss, and then he shoved me in head first. What I found in there and out there and everywhere in between... was only my Self. In my opinion, it is only from that "clean slate" that seekers can begin to embrace the infinite and create the eternal.

I realize this is not what many people want to hear. It wasn't what I wanted to hear when my mentor revealed it to me. But if I were here for a popularity contest, I'd be just one more bliss ninny telling you you're watched over by guardian angels and all of us are going to some version of heaven when we die. Unfortunately, those kinds of belief systems belong in a book of fairy tales and not in the realm of nagualism or quantum shamanism. What we believe (or want to believe) is usually what blinds us to what we might otherwise come to Know through experience and assimilated awareness.

I'm not asking you to defend your belief. I'm asking you to examine it even if it hurts.
Copyright 2015 by Della Van Hise

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