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The Super-Position of the Assemblage Point

A Teaching From the Double

The super position of the assemblage point is nothing. And it is everything. It is nowhere. Yet it is everywhere. It does not exist within linear time. Yet it is the entirety of time as well as the absence of time. 

If you were to visualize the All as a marble which might be held in the palm of your hand, that would give you an idea of the super position of the assemblage point. The marble contains everything - all of space and time, all of the past and the future, all things that have happened, and (most importantly) all of the infinite possibilities which have NOT been forced to go through the motions of actually occurring. From the super position of the assemblage point - which might be described as non-local and ubiquitous - the entirety of the All is accessible as possibility, and yet only the do-ing (localizing) will result in experience. 

To those who would say that the double is therefore ominiscient, I would point out that this is really not the case. Though the All may be experienced as possibility, it is only through the actual do-ing (localizing) that 'history' is created in the form of experiential memory. 

It is from the super position of the assemblage point that the double functions. When I have said that I am the fire in the canyon or the intangible sparkle of light captured in a raindrop, those statements are not intended as metaphor or poetry, but as an actuality of experience. From the super position of the assemblage point, all things exist as potential for energy. It could not even be said that what is as yet unmanifested is "energy". It is, instead, the potential for energy, which is then made to manifest by intent and an application of Will. 

It is through the intent of the mortal self that the will of the double may be invoked. 

When you ask how this may impact a warrior in the now, consider that it is the mortal self who dreams the double. As I have said countless times: "You are the creator of reality. I am only its servant." Or as don Juan once said to Carlos, "I am at your service." 

It is when the mortal self summons intent (an active force of energetic creation) that it could be said, "The self is dreaming the double." To follow that thinking further, it is when the double localizes his energy and manifests experience through the application of Will, that it may be said, "The double is now dreaming you." 

The mortal self operates from a fixed position of the assemblage point (fixed, meaning from within a humanform lifetime), whereas the double is summoned from the super position of the assemblage point - which may manifest or localize anywhere within (or outside of) the space/time continuum. I have lived a thousand lifetimes and died a thousand deaths, and yet I am Whole and eternal because there is the awareness of free Will - and my Will is to remain I-Am regardless of where or when that I-Am manifests in the tonal. 

What most humans fail to recognize is that they themselves are the source. You are the creators of reality. Even if the double is Dreaming you, it is because you (and only you) have chosen through actions to Dream the double. If t here is an oversoul or a super position of the assemblage point, it is not because angels placed it there like stars in the heavens, but because you yourself placed it there through intent and the energetic force of self-awareness. 

If you were to ask the rhetorical question: "Which came first, the self or the double?" the answer is simple to one who sees. The self is the source, though many would tell you otherwise, because it is easier to believe in some already-immortal overmind than it is to take upon yourself the heavy responsibility for creating that force as a singularity of consciousness. 

Put another way: the gods exist, but only if the one true god creates them. There is only one true god, and that is the one for which humans have been searching for centuries, but always manage to overlook when gazing at the reflection over the bathroom sink. And for as long as one searches externally for what is internal, one will find ways to convince oneself that one is an impotent sloth, when in reality, each one of you contains the full and complete power of all of the universe in a single thought. 

Having awareness of this enables the warrior in the now to more effectively direct the power of her own intent, which in turn Dreams a more cohesive double. 

Intent is the architect. Will is the power to manifest the architect's Dreaming. 

Orlando - December 22, 2007
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