Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Joiners Need Not Apply

A seeker recently asked whether or not he should join a particular organization. He went on to say that the founder of the organization seemed to advocate raping and eating children. Whether this was a misconception on the part of the seeker or a legitimate nest of crazies, who's to say?  But the fact that anyone would even consider aligning themselves with such an organization prompted the following response...
If someone is seriously talking about raping and eating children, why in all the collective fucks would you even THINK of joining them? And for that matter, why would you want or need to JOIN anything at all? In almost ALL of the esoteric teachings, "joining" is a fast track to mental and spiritual enslavement, and maybe a whole lot worse. You won't get super powers or immortality through ANY form of ritual or community. You will get it through DOING THE WORK for yourself. What does that LOOK like, you may ask?

1. Define your intent. What do you really WANT? And what could you want so much that you would consider joining a group that rapes and eats children? Ask yourself this question - "Am I right in the head?"

2. While some groups will claim that "Evil is in the eye of the beholder," consider that it is also in the HEART of the do-er. Put simply, there is a concept which Carlos Castaneda calls "the right way to live" - an intrinsic knowing that tells us right from wrong. In order to attain the immortal condition or even simple "enlightenment," you really do NEED to make contact with that aspect of yourself. THAT is where you will find the assemblage point of unconditional love - which is not some ooey-gooey lovey-dovey sweetness-and-light crap. It is the seat of your existence and the source of the power of your own self-creation. FIND IT. And if you can't, go to the bother of creating it.

3. Identify and THOROUGHLY examine all your belief systems - including and especially any belief systems that are telling you there is a short cut to power and immortality. Look not only at WHAT you believe, but ask yourself WHY you believe it. Begin with the stuff that may seem trivial. You probably believe the sun will rise tomorrow morning, right? Maybe the belief is true, maybe it is false. Either way - WHY do you believe it? Who told you? Upon what evidence do you base your belief? In this case, you probably base it on the fact that the sun has always risen every morning since you were born - so you base it on subjective experience. But when you start looking at the bigger belief systems (god, religion, good, evil) you may find that MOST if not ALL of what you currently believe is based on nothing more than what you have been told you SHOULD believe. Start with a simple question in each case - "Does this thing even EXIST apart from my belief in it?" If you are at all honest with yourself, you'll find that most of these "esoteric" beliefs are nothing more than fairy tales. Here's a head start for you to think about - good and evil don't really exist as extant elementals. They are extensions of Man's doings, but even more than that, they are extensions and CREATIONS of Man's beliefs. In and of themselves, there is no difference between "good and evil." What you believe is good, I may perceive as evil. We are both wrong. (And once again, I direct you to "the right way to live" - which is really the ONLY guide we have to tell us right from wrong.)

4. Release your belief systems altogether (this will take time and actual WORK), until you become a "seer" - basically someone who is able to see the world as it is, without the distortions created by false beliefs. This is a stage where you may experience great joy and/or great anger, and/or extreme ecstasy, and/or extreme "depression." Reason being - all those feelings are just the death throes of your false belief systems. We want-to-believe there is goodness in the world. We want-to-believe that the things we do somehow MATTER (they really don't). When you become a seer, you see equally the beauty and the futility in all things. This is where you graduate to "controlled folly."

5. Controlled folly - instead of deteriorating into the state of deep depression because you finally *see* the futility of existence (but also the POTENTIAL for doing the impossible, equally), is when you begin to live your life in a way different from how you've always lived it. Knowing "nothing matters," you nonetheless start to live your life AS IF it matters. You learn to pick your battles, in other words. You don't waste time chasing after political causes or religious fanaticism, you don't involve yourself in "causes" that are ultimately futile, but you DO decide what you are going to do AS IF it matters. To some people, maybe that's raising a family - though that comes with a whole butt-load of programs and issues that I've never personally wanted to undertake, so that was not a "battle" I personally chose. To other people, maybe it is a stand of action for animal rights - not in any political arena, but in direct experience. If you're going to get involved in something, you do so with the knowledge that in the end, it won't matter one wit. But maybe for one individual (yourself), it will make a difference in the direction of the building of your Will and the manifestation of it. If some temporary "good" comes of your actions, so much the better - but if you engage your controlled folly with that EXPECTATION, then you have missed the point altogether.

6. Controlled folly will also require the art of detachment - which involves getting away from the indulgences in all those comforting belief systems. As long as someone believes in god, just for example, there is always the underlying implication that "God will take care of it." When you release that belief system, when you realize that YOU are the only god there is, you begin to come into your own "personal power." As long as there is ANY hope of salvation or divine intervention, you have defeated your own power and settled for a role of "passive observer" rather than "creator of singularities."

There is also a "mantra" that comes with any doings of metaphysics. "As it harms none, do as you Will." This does not mean to do as you PLEASE. It means to do what your Will is capable of doing - what you yourself are capable of bringing into manifestation. "As it harms none..." Think about that before you would even consider joining ANY group, particularly a group that clearly intends to use "evil" as a means to an end (and an end that will never manifest). Anytime you "Join" anything, you have given away your power to the group. Is that really what you want to do? I don't think so. "As it harms none..." Joining is an act that harms YOU... so when you join a group such as that, you've already broken the first law of magick.

Thou art god. Create yourself accordingly. 
May 12, 2015

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