Sunday, January 01, 2017

Deep Inner Meaning

Excerpted from "Questions Along the Way"
A Quantum Shaman book by Della Van Hise
A seeker once asked...
I realized recently that so much of what we believe is just the byproduct of what we've been told to believe. That being the case, how do we know what's real beyond all the lies?

As one advances on the path of knowledge, one resists assigning meaning to most things entirely - because it becomes clear over time that it's the conclusions we draw that are often in error, while the experience itself remains just what it is, whether it can be understood or not. For example, I'm always amused by websites offering to sell certain crystals with this or that "special properties." Quartz for clarity! Amethyst for healing! Aventurine for fertility!

They're just rocks. All of these meanings are only random assignations by humans, but the thing-itself is just the thing-itself. We might decide that quartz resonates and pulsates at the vibrational frequency of clarity, but that’s just a lot of yada – words wrapped around the rock to make it more appealing and, let's face it, more saleable. Words meaning nothing.

With that said, a seeker might decide to assign meaning to a stone as a tool of "fake it till you make it”, but ultimately a woman of Knowledge sees the underlying truth: it's still just a rock. The fact that it is a pretty rock or a different kind of rock doesn't alter the fact that it's still a rock. And, of course, "pretty" and "different" are also just random assignations.

The only thing that makes gold so valuable is our belief. The only thing that has kept the economy functioning for so long is our belief that there is gold behind all that paper. As the mass beliefs start to disintegrate, as the conclusions we have drawn cease to have meaning, the thing itself reverts to just what-it-is...


In the human world, it seems there is virtually no way to have a society that doesn't depend on conclusions and illusions, agreements and consensuses. If our economy weren't based on gold and paper, it would be based on beans and bones, or trains and taters. Point being: it seems our survival as organic beings depends on certain assignations of meaning, but at the same time our inorganic freedom depends on seeing beyond those things upon which our organic survival depends.  

It's no coincidence that this is somewhat of a flawless trap - a basic construct of the consensual agreement which some have referred to as the foreign installation - a set of beliefs which amount to a false program that permeates the entire human race.

Now more than ever - think for yourself, see with the third eye... question everything, your beliefs and conclusions most of all.

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