Monday, January 23, 2017

You Can Lead A Sheeple to Knowledge...

"You can lead a sheeple to Knowledge, but you can't make him think."  (Some random thoughts on the end of the world.)

Some days what I really need is a 6-pack of assholes and a hammer.  (Oh, dear, did you really just say that out loud?)  Not out loud, but I said it on cyberpaper, so take it as you will and run away in terror if you need trigger warnings, because you won't be getting any today (or any other day) on my pages, and this post in particular is not going to adhere to any paradigm of political correctness, appropriate language, or positive thinking.

This post is about telling the truth as I have come to see it, and letting the chips fall where they may.  It's about being authentic as opposed to placating. It's about being who I-Am instead of pretending to be who you might want me to be.

Nowhere to start except somewhere in the middle. So I'll start at the end instead and work my way backwards. Got an email this morning from a well-meaning friend which read, "Della, you are a respected spiritual leader, and I don't think you should be saying a lot of the things you've been saying on your Facebook timeline lately because it comes across as very negative and angry and most people don't want to hear it. I'm only telling you this because I love you and value your friendship, and I don't want to see you lose friends because of your comments about politics and religion."

Wow.  Where to start on that.  Well, to begin with, I don't consider myself any sort of "respected spiritual leader." If anything, I'm just a writer who has produced several books about my journey from imbecile to enlightened crone, and who's to say if enlightenment really exists at all, or if it's only one more step on the ladder of bootstrap evolution? But here's the thing - even if I were a respected spiritual leader, I didn't get there by blowing pink smoke up anyone's ass just to see them giggle while the world was burning right behind them.

I suffer from the dark flaw of being brutally honest with people (usually not with strangers, but anyone who belongs to one of my groups or forums), and sometimes that doesn't end well because far too many "seekers" I know aren't really looking to evolve, or even to practice what they claim to believe. Most are only looking for feel-goodisms in the form of memes on the internet, and for someone to tell them "ever-thaaang's gonna be awright" even though the wolves are at the door and the fat lady has been singing since the first Tuesday in November.

And while some so-called "spiritual leaders" are willing to give you a cyberhug and assure you you're in their thoughts and prayers, I've found that in the big picture, it can be far more useful to actually allow ourselves to experience those so-called "dark emotions" from time to time, because no real change ever came from silence and obedience, but from a willingness to step out of the shadows and say in a loud voice, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

From the movie, "Network." Peter Finch as Howard Beale.
Based on Paddy Chayefsky's novel.
Point here is that I don't waste a lot of time with so-called trigger warnings or trying to coddle the overly sensitive special snowflakes who wander onto my Facebook page from time to time, and who seem to think everything must be couched in terms of kittens and free love and unicorns crapping rainbow sherbet, when the reality (especially over the past few months since the election) is that the world appears to be comprised of far more snakes and hatred and corrupt politicians crapping acid - and trying to sugar coat it with sentiments such as "putting America first". And that's about as useful as tits on a bull.

Are you still there?

If you are, good. If not, that's perfectly okay, too.

Anyone who has been on a path toward a personal evolution of consciousness for any length of time knows that the first step is pulling the plug on all those frilly programs that try to protect us or, even worse, try to blind us to the fact that 99% of all those programs are written by politicians and religious leaders and "learned men with letters after their name" - not for any noble purpose, but always and forever for their own agenda. And - now please pay attention here so I don't have to get the flying monkeys - those agendas are not in your best interest, despite what you've been told, and every time you buy into one of them, you set yourself further and further back with regard to your own goals. Not just your goals for your spiritual path, but your goals for your life.

Let's get real here. A lot of people are very angry and afraid right now, and with good reason. Telling them to "suck it up" or "get over it" or "grow a pair" really isn't helpful or at all realistic. The USA hasn't been this divided since the Civil War, even though there have been huge divisions in our people during the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement, and other internal conflicts along the way. Maybe a lot of racists, bigots and warmongers told the protesters in these movements to suck it up and get over it, but that only went to demonstrate their own ignorance, intolerance and - frankly - stupidity.

Be that as it may, we live in a time of great conflict at the moment, where both "sides" believe they are right, and neither side has even the most remote possibility of winning. In short, no matter what the outcome of this current situation, none of it will make one iota of difference in a million years. Agent Orange will either blow up the world or he won't. We will either be taken over by corporate greed or we won't. We will either survive... or we won't. Either way, if there are future humans still in existence to look back on our foibles, they will probably laugh at us and wonder how in all the collective worlds we didn't see this coming.

Truth is... some of us did.  And yet... No single voice is loud enough to be heard around the world unless it is amplified by the corruption of politics or the fairy tale beliefs of religion.

Long before the election, those of us who might be termed *seers* (or simply not bigots, racists, homophobes or misogynists) were shouting as loud as anyone can on social media and in the streets and wherever anyone might be listening; and yet despite the outright crimes of the man who eventually became president, those voices fell on the deaf ears of people who were afraid of losing their guns or afraid that gay marriage somehow threatened their outdated prejudices, or afraid that they would no longer be able to harass women or shoot doctors at abortion clinics, or just plain afraid that their bigotry and racism were about to be a thing of the past.

One of Donald Trump's sons, having just killed a buffalo
just for sport. Such a great example for "the first family."
Those are the people who voted for your current president. (He certainly ain't mine.)  And those are the very people who will probably be the most affected in a negative way as this administration proceeds down the road to hell. After all, it is affordable insurance that is being threatened, along with women's rights, LGBTQ rights, simple human rights, and even animal rights. (Never forget: Trump's son killing anything that moves in Africa.)  Must make a father proud.

Don't get me started. (Too late.)

During an online discussion I expressed the opinion (and it was only an opinion) that perhaps the electoral college is outdated and should be abolished, in light of the fact that the world we live in now is not the same world we were living in when that same electoral college was created. And it was created by the founding fathers, just FYI, which will give you an idea of just how old it really is. Originally created "as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens," it also served the purpose way-back-when of representing voters who were not able to get to whatever polling places existed due to extreme distances to travel or extreme weather conditions or whatever might have prevented someone from voting. In other words, the electoral college was originally designed to represent the people, but clearly that is no longer the case - particularly when a candidate actually wins the popular vote by a million or more votes, and yet still never takes office.

It was during a discussion about these facts that some know-it-all privileged white male in a steampunk get-up suggested, "You should take a civics class and pay better attention next time." At first, I could only laugh at the arrogant aggressiveness of someone who knows nothing about me or my education. But as the conversation progressed, I could only determine that he really didn't know any better, because this is how life has always been for him. Aside from being a geek (and not an endearing one like Sheldon Cooper), he also seemed to hold the opinion that his perception was right only because it followed certain "party lines" and because it was being expressed by a card-carrying member of someone who is a True Believer in the existing programs that govern the thinking and actions of anyone not ready, willing or able to step outside that box which is comprised of adherence to pre-existing belief systems that are - in many if not most cases - outdated and outrageous in the extreme.

My point was simply this:  If we're going to pretend that "the people" have a voice in their government, then having an electoral college in today's world is like having a telephone system that consists of two cans tied together with a string. With technology as it exists today, the whole voting process is outdated, but the electoral college is actually an insult to the American people, in that it has twice now flown in the face of the popular vote, and installed what amounts to a dictator into the highest office in the country, and perhaps even in the world. Point being - the electoral college clearly does not represent the people, or the candidate who won the election would actually be in office. In this day and age, almost anyone can get to the polls, or if they can't, they can easily vote by mail. So trying to pretend the EC represents anyone other than its own agenda (and the candidate most willing to line the pockets of the electors and foreign powers) is just a travesty on the highest scale.

Fact is... I did take a Civics class. More than one. And I recall my professor saying the following in response to the dismay some class members expressed when discovering that this "process" actually could usurp the popular vote. "While that's always been a possibility, it's only happened twice in the history of the country and it's highly doubtful it will happen again in any of our lifetimes." Well, since that day in a hot and stuffy classroom, it's happened twice more - once in 2000 when Dubya lost the popular election but nonetheless became president, and again in 2016 when the Trumpkin lost the popular vote by a huge margin, but nonetheless bluffed and huffed his way into the White House.

Yes, I'm angry. Not because I voted for Hillary - I'm not a fan of her either, but I wasn't about to vote for a third-party candidate, which is tantamount to voting for Trump. In an ideal world, Bernie Sanders would have been the Democratic candidate, but as we all know, this ain't an ideal world. Certainly not anymore, if ever it was.

The real problem a lot of Americans now face (aside from the threat of thermonuclear war) is losing our insurance, losing our basic human rights, and being dragged into the dark ages by a regime that is far more "god-fearing" than rational. Last time I checked in that Civics class, there was supposed to be a separation of church and state, but I think it's fair to say that some of these current turkeys actually believe God is some guy with a long white beard sitting on a golden throne. And, oh, by the way, he's on "our side", and just as clearly none of those religious fanatics who now hold office ever read Mark Twain's "The War Prayer."

But no matter.

I could go on. I could cite the warning signs that clearly existed long before the election, and I could even point out more than a dozen incidents in the Trumpkin's recent history that would curl the toenails of any sane human being, but... You can lead the sheeple to Knowledge, but you can't make them think.  

There's a lot more that needs to be said. And rest assured, I will eventually say it. But for now, it's time for some R&R while that's still an option.

To anyone I might have offended... sorry. (Not really.) Here's the thing about that: when someone accuses me of being "disrespectful" because of some words or ideas I have expressed, keep in mind that I respect people enough to treat them as adults and not as special snowflakes. I figure anyone who is truly interested in moving beyond their programs and pre-existing belief systems probably isn't going to be offended by an authentic and heartfelt rant (even if it doesn't agree with their philosophies). Personally, I'm much more likely to get uppity when someone insults my intelligence as opposed to if they bruise my ego. So next time, instead of telling me to go take a Civics class, why not just ask me outright if I already have. Don't assume. Don't be a passive-aggressive privileged white male just because you can.

And maybe - just maybe - listen to the voices on the wind and read the writing on the wall and think before you vote.

Then the rest of the world won't have to clean up your mess.

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