Saturday, April 04, 2015

An Exercise in Silent Knowing

Find a place that is comfortable for you and relax into the Now. Have awareness of your surroundings without being attached to them. Is there a bird chirping in the distance? A dog barking? Road sounds? All of these things will be part of the experience, so awareness of them enables a blending of the warrior into milieu, and the milieu into the warrior.

Essentially, the purpose of this exercise is to bring the warrior in contact with the double. As you sit with yourself in silence, focus on the Intent to move the assemblage point into "the place of silent knowing" - aka "gnosis". For warriors at an advanced level, this may seem too simple. For those who have not yet worked with gnosis on a conscious level, it may take a few attempts to really make the connection, but once it is made, it is unmistakable. For myself, when I enter into a state of gnosis, there is a tendency for my head to tilt back and my eyes to close - though obviously this is my predilection and your mileage will vary. However it works for you to shift your AP to the place of silent knowing, the purpose of this exercise is to actually "hear" the voice of the double - though it may not be experienced as a "voice" as we traditionally think of it. Could be a whisper that sounds at first like your own internal dialogue, yet is experienced as a bit of knowledge or information you did not know on any conscious level.

One of the hardest tasks a warrior faces is learning to distinguish the voice of gnosis from one's own internal dialogue.The easiest way I have found to make the distinction is that the internal dialogue is usually nothing more than lists, comments about what we are experiencing, reflections on the past, or otherwise "personal" information that is likely filled with our own self-importance. IOW - the internal dialogue is saying, "It's all about ME!"

The voice of gnosis, on the other hand, is often experienced as a single statement that fills the mind quite abruptly, and may or may not have any direct relevance on the surface. One of the strongest voices of gnosis I ever experienced came when I was staring up at a huge mountain overshadowing Palm Springs. "You have to meet the immortal world on its own level," the voice informed me. Another one: "I am helpless before all possibility." Another: "The core of your belief determines the realities you see and obliterates those you choose to ignore."

Each of these statements is what amounts to a zip file - a single statement embedded with layers upon layers of additional knowledge which unlocks & unfolds itself over time, assuming the warrior takes upon herself the task of contemplation and the act of assimilation. I found it helpful to keep a journal, though some will frown on that as an "attachment." It's up to you.

So as you sit in the place of silent knowing and take measures to stop the world, simply be open to hearing the voice of gnosis and take note of what it says. It doesn't usually tend to give long speeches, though it certainly can if there is a reason. But for the most part, if the warrior approaches this exercise with Intent and impeccability, most likely you will begin to hear the voice of the double - and it is through learning to listen, ask questions, and communicate with the double that the double is further developed until, as don Juan pointed out, there comes that crossroad moment when you realize the double is dreaming you.

What does your double have to say to you? What message are you receiving? Would be curious to hear of your experiences - hope you will take the time to comment.

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