Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why the Heart Has Two Chambers

With regard to the double being (or Nagual) Carlos Castaneda may not have had the full story when he wrote THE EAGLE'S GIFT, in that he was still describing the Nagual (double-being) as two separate individuals, when my own experience (as well as several other "naguals" I know) has been that this may not be entirely accurate. In fact, there is a lot of experiential evidence to support the idea that the Nagual is actually a single being that divides at some point, and so may have the APPEARANCE of being 2 separate beings, when in reality it is a single entity with the natural ability to divide, much as cells do.

Because Carlos himself was described as a 3-pronged nagual, his own "division" may have been somehow thwarted or he only partially divided, and so the other "part" of himself was either lost entirely, or perhaps never made it to third attention and became trapped in some other realm. No way to know. Another Nagual woman was presented to him (Carol), but though she was *a* Nagual woman, she was not *the* Nagual woman specifically-matched to Carlos. Again, tip of the iceberg, and the wabbit hole goes plenty deep.

Don Juan said, "it is impossible to try to reason out the double", and yet, I'm not so sure it's "impossible" as much as it requires re-writing the paradigm of our belief systems about the nature of "reality" itself. In so many ways, our present mode of thinking is still at the level of "flies cause garbage", and because it's what we've always believed, we have no easy way to see it from a completely different angle.

Of course... I can also argue the other side, where CC is coming from, because it is more "rational" than what I'm saying. Easier to think that two separate beings could come together than to think a single being divides for the purpose of coming together again in what amounts to a different space-time continuum. But I think the "easier" explanation is also very limited. In my experience, the whole point of the double being is that one "half" of that being is predisposed to exist in the conditions of third attention, and the other half is predisposed to exist as a mortal human.

I think it's important for warriors, and especially for those who may discover themselves to be double beings, to have as clear an understanding as possible. I think CC was right in baseline theory, but he simply never revealed the whole picture. My suspicion is that if he ever did realize the deeper secrets about the Nagual, he simply chose not to write about it, because as I have discovered through experience, there is no way, really, to explain any of this rationally. So we have a tendency to simplify, to say "two separate beings", when in actuality, it is a single being that splits in two for the purpose of serving as its own guide.

First shaman created the world, and when she realized she was lonely, she tore out half her heart and put it into her own dreaming body so she would never be alone. Because the double was made of spirit, though, it left her all too soon and went to dwell in eternity, where its siren cries call her back into the Infinite. This is why the heart has two chambers and why the shaman walks the earth with one eye on the world and the other focused on that which has no name.

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