Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What is Spirit?

Spirit may also manifest to seekers as the voice of the double,
whispering Knowledge from the Infinite.
A Message From the Double via Silent Knowing

Spirit is the feeling that accompanies the midnight cries of a lone coyote, and it is the reason for the cry itself. It is carried on the sound, but is not the sound. Spirit is the soul poem blowing in on the edge of an oncoming storm, yet it is neither the words nor the rain, nor the thunder and lightning, but is instead the creative and infinite force which summons the storm into being - not the physical elements of meteorology, but the metaphysical shiver of the universe which is the generative spark of spontaneous parthenogenesis. Something from nothing. Spirit is the sentient force of the energetic universe, permeating all living and non-living matrices, yet it is neither the form nor substance, nor even energy.

If there are four elements of life and creation - earth, air, fire and water - spirit is the fifth element which brings the others into alignment and creates both cohesion and the possibility of meaning. Spirit is the animus, without which all else is rendered inert.

Does it have its own volition? In human terms, it could be said to have omniscient and omnipresent awareness, yet it is not comparable to any deity or entity. It is sentient without being singular, yet it is the singularity at the heart of the All. It is an element of the infinite, the compelling force of the nagual which is at the same time the breath of life within the tonal. To speak of volition in terms of spirit is rather like attempting to define time without using the word time in the definition.

It does nothing TO humans, but when humans come into alignment with the spirit, there is nothing they cannot do. It is a force that is omnipresent and may be summoned with intent; yet it is at the same time elusive by virtue of being the essence of the All itself.

To a warrior, Spirit is the force which guides one's choices and creates a viable sense of purpose, direction, well-being and forward motion even in times of seeming inaction. To live in alignment with the Spirit is to live impeccably, for then it could be said that what is within the Self has achieved an unbroken communion with the All. This does not diminish the individual, but to the contrary enhances the uniqueness of the Self by bringing into manifestation the Whole potential of that individual identity. Living with the Spirit does not mean becoming One with the All, but becoming Whole within the All, and ultimately becoming the All itself.

Messages from the double via silent knowing
Orlando -- June 28, 2003
copyright 2015 by Della Van Hise
All Rights Reserved

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