Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cracking the Program Wide Open

I was recently asked... Why do we need to break out of the program? For starters, as long as we are operating within its limits, evolution is impossible, because personal evolution is not part OF the program -- i.e., the established belief system allows for essentially one of three alternatives: 1) any established religion; or 2)atheism; or 3)molecular regeneration. Any of those belief systems are accepted inside the box. Anything other than that would be considered, essentially "hocus pocus" or completely insane.

The program labels those who are "insane" as, essentially, those who do not find themselves in agreement with the program. And, again, fear raises its ugly head. We are afraid of the label "insanity", and so we hoist ourselves back in line with the program - at least insofar as we discuss publicly. Thus, fear holds us captive to the program. What we gain by breaking the program is coming to see that we are not "insane" at all, but instead it is the world that has gone mad and the lunatics are running the asylum. Certain new age "teachers" always squawk when I say that, because their naive opinion is that the "lunatics" are innocent, ignorant sheep who know not what they do. Personally, I don't care if they know it or not. It is, even by THEIR definition, insane to go through the motions of "a normal life", knowing all the while that it ultimately means nothing when all is said and done.

And now we come to those unpopular ideas that can cause even warriors to start singing Mary Had A Little Lamb, jamming their fingers in their ears, and pretending not to hear. This is the part of the road we come to where we desperately WANT to go back to Ixtlan, but where we realize that it is only a phantom city inhabited by hollow-eyed zombies, yet it is a city we have defended all our lives, a city we have loved, the only city we have ever known. And we're scared to death of leaving it!

What do we have to gain by breaking out of the program? Absolutely nothing... except a glimpse of freedom. We have everything to lose, of course. Family. Friends. Comfortable beliefs. Even a self-identity we might have believed real all our lives. But it's worth it, that single glimpse of freedom - to know there is a foundation above and beyond all this lunacy where all the role-playing games are stripped away and we lay our souls bare to find our double standing whole and pure in the third attention - the perfected self we have created through our dreaming, the self we will inhabit into eternity, beyond the eagle's reach.

New age bullshit? Nope. I've been there. I've inhabited that double which is actually the self made whole into eternity, and believe me, I was loathe to come back to the asylum. But... there's still work to be done, fragments to be gathered, songs to be sung, and fires to be lit in the spirit so the heart can find its way back home to that place in the third attention from whence it came in the first place.

Yes, it's all a quantum paradox, but that's the delight of it -when it all starts to make sense. All I can do now is spin a web of words, trying to form a net in which to capture the essence of freedom, but my words will never be enough. And, ironically, how would one capture freedom?

You've had the power all along.
What do we gain by breaking the program? We find ourselves face to face with the answer to the first question: who am I? As long as the program is in effect, there is no possible answer to that question, for we are only the program manifested, fragmentary selves, false personalities, phantoms wearing our own face. But once the program falls, we turn and face the double, who begins whispering in our ear about the right way to live, the path of heart, the assimilation of cohesion.

Follow the yellow brick road, knowing all the while that the red slippers can take you home anytime. That's intent.

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